It can be difficult to differentiate between the different types of soul connections such as soulmates, twin flames and karmic partners. There are hundreds of twin flame articles and videos out there with all sorts of physical, emotional and mental signs and symptoms — but no single sign is 100% foolproof.

There is only one twin flame test to truly determine whether the person you are connecting with is a twin flame or some other type of soul connection, and I’m going to be sharing that test with you in this post. Using this test, you will be able to instantly reveal whether or not this person is your true twin flame.

Why This Twin Flame Test is 100% Accurate

The reason this is the only twin flame test you can apply with 100% accuracy is because it is the one test that is based upon a dynamic that only exists between twin flames.

Other types of soul connections may share certain twin flame signs, which may even deceive you into believing that you’ve met your twin flame when the person you’re actually connecting with a soulmate or karmic partner.

To avoid these false twin flame experiences that can be so disheartening along the twin flame journey, it is essential to use a twin flame test that would exclusively apply to twin flames.

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The Twin Flame “Mirror Effect” Explained

The twin flame dynamic that is used for this test is what is known as the “mirroring effect”, which only occurs between two twin flames.

It is often said that your twin flame is your perfect energetic mirror.

This means that your twin flame will reflect your internal struggles, fears, and subconscious blockages.

It also means that on the reverse side of that equation, they will also reflect back to you any healing or self-development work you are doing on yourself.

You can use this twin flame test at any stage in your twin flame journey after the initial meeting.

As long as you have some way to keep tabs on or communicate with your twin flame (we’ll get into more on why this is important later) you will be able to use this test regardless of how far apart you may be physically.

The #1 Twin Flame Test

Step 1: Identify Something You Want to Heal or Change

The first step to using this twin flame eye test is to identify something about yourself you want to heal, shift or change.

This could be a form of emotional healing such as building your own self-confidence, or it could be something more specific like healing your body in some way.

Here are some examples of changes you could make:

  • Decide to eat healthier
  • Create an exercise routine
  • Start the business of your dreams
  • Start saving more money
  • Release childhood trauma
  • Start meditating every morning

It doesn’t matter which change you choose to make, as long as it’s something that excites you and upgrades some area of your life.

Step 2: Make the Change (Without Telling Your Twin Flame)

Once you decide what change you want to make, create some kind of schedule or routine to hold you accountable to continuing to work toward that change on a daily basis.

If it’s eating healthier, make yourself a meal plan.

If it’s starting an exercise routine, join a gym and hold yourself to going a certain number of times a week.

If you’re starting the business of your dreams, create a business plan and start taking small daily action steps that move you closer to that goal.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to make any drastic, major changes here. As long as you are taking consistent daily action steps that are healing, growing or expanding you in some way then you’re doing this step correctly.

NOTE: Do not tell your twin flame you are making this change. This is important!

The reason you want to keep this a “secret” from your twin flame is to eliminate any possibility that they are simply seeing you change and mirroring your behavior consciously.

In order for the test to work with 100% certainty, we need to be sure that your twin flame knows nothing about the change you’re making.

Step 3: Hold Yourself Accountable to This Change

This test won’t work if you go about it halfheartedly. You need to commit with all your heart and soul to this change.

If you are just planning on making this change for a small period of time and then going back to the way you were before, your ulterior motives will be felt by your twin flame and the test might not work.

Step 4: Your Twin Flame Will “Mirror” This Change

Because your twin flame is your perfect mirror, they will reflect back to you any healing work you do on yourself.

This means that as you put energy toward shifting or changing something in a positive direction, your twin flame will naturally find themselves beginning to take action in the same area of their life.

Of course, this means you’re going to need to be in some form of contact with your twin flame.

Simply being connected through some form of social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc) could be enough to see whether or not they are “mirroring” you, but only if they are posting frequently and talking about the changes they are making through these online platforms.

Ideally, you will want to have more interpersonal rapport with your twin flame either over text, in person or over the phone.

Something to keep in mind is that the changes your twin flame makes doesn’t have to be exactly the same as the changes you make — the point is that they should be making similar types of changes in similar areas of their own life.

Here are a few examples of what a successful twin flame test could look like:


Example #1:


You decide to start eating healthier by switching to a plant based diet.

Your Twin Flame:

Your twin flame decides to start hitting the gym and building muscle.


Example #2:


You choose to start saving money by putting $200 aside from every paycheck.

Your Twin Flame:

Your twin flame simultaneously cuts back on a bad spending habit and starts making payments on a debt they’ve been ignoring.


Example #3:


After years of thinking and over-thinking, you decide to finally take that leap of faith and start your own business.

Your Twin Flame:

Your twin flame, at the same time, decides to pursue a long-time passion and begin sharing it with the world in some way.


You’ll notice in all three of these examples that although the changes made weren’t exactly the same, they were closely related enough that you can easily see the “mirroring” effect taking place.

…Now What?

So, you now know how to determine for sure whether or not this person is your twin flame. What’s next?

The twin flame journey doesn’t stop there — in fact, it’s just beginning.

The true purpose behind the “mirroring” effect that makes this twin flame test so effective is to uplift and expand one another within the twin flame connection, becoming an unstoppable force for endless growth and planetary healing.

Of course, this all begins from within.

I have created a powerful 7 chakra twin flame clearing subliminal you can use to assist you in every step of the twin flame journey.

This subliminal audio track is designed to clear out any blockages that are preventing you from coming into harmonious union with your twin flame.

Click the image below to learn more about how this subliminal can shift your energy, release love blockages and heal your connection.

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Let me know in the comments below — how did this twin flame test work for you?


– Infinity ∞

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  1. Kellie Aldridge

    I’m confused. Is my husband my twin flame? I had dreams about a dark haired man with a little red headed daughter and this was to be my husband. I met a dark haired man with a little red headed daughter in 2006. He is my husband. When I went mentally psychotic a couple of years ago due to a demonic possession, my soul screamed for my husband. I pulled his soul to mine and we joined as one and it caused the demon to flee. Ive been free of demonic possession ever since that day. We know each other’s emotions, we feel them too. We can remove each other’s pain and heal one another. But I have bpd which has strained our marriage to a thin thread.

  2. MaRiA CoNcEpCiOn RiVaS

    I was going to give up on the connection between us. But now that I’m reading this. Well now it brings me joy and peace to give it a try and see if this text is going to be a revelation to twin flame connection. He’s incarcerated. So here we go.

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