Today I’m going to be sharing with you 4 amazing signs of a soulmate connection. Using these signs, you will be able to identify the soulmates in your life, whether they are people you have met in the past or people you will connect with in the future.

Who is Your “Soul Family”?

When we are born into this Earth, we do not come alone.

We are born in clusters — sometimes called “soul families”.

This web of soul connections consists of others we could refer to as our “soulmates”. Although soulmates are popularly depicted to be romantic in nature, the majority of our soulmates are actually platonic.

A soulmate could be absolutely anyone in our lives — a friend, a classmate, a teacher, a family member or even a stranger we pass on the street.

One thing is certain: although soulmates can emerge at the most unexpected times and in the most unexpected places, there are certain traits and signs that will always come along with a soulmate connection that you will easily be able to identify.

4 Amazing Signs of a Soulmate Connection

1. A Deep Feeling of Familiarity

It goes without saying that soulmate connections will feel familiar — as familiar as a family member or a friend you’ve known for decades.

When you meet a soulmate for the first time, conversation will flow naturally. Everything about your interaction will feel so effortless, you will wonder whether you’ve met them before.

You will find yourselves repeating things like: “I feel like I’ve met you before!” Or “I think we know each other from a past life.”

Although these statements will often be made playfully, there is a profound spiritual truth behind them.

Soulmates often do reincarnate in lifetime after lifetime together in order to continuously assist one another in their soul evolution.

We sometimes refer to these predestined soulmate meetings as “soul contracts”. It is said that prior to our birth, we create agreements with other souls within our soul family to meet in certain times and places during this life.

Although the spiritual amnesia that comes with our birth may prevent you from remembering making these agreements with a soulmate, two souls will always keep their promises to one another.

When you meet, the familiarity between you will be so profound that you may even find yourself feeling deeply emotional by their presence.

Pure ecstasy, deep relief and even outbursts of “happy tears” are examples of intense emotional experiences you may have upon meeting a soulmate.

2. Strange Circumstances Around Your Meeting

Like we touched on earlier, everything about the meeting between two soulmates is preordained and carefully planned prior to their birth in this lifetime.

Because so much precise planning has gone into a soulmate meeting, two soulmates may feel as though the circumstances of their meeting were strange, highly coincidental or downright unexplainable.

Some may chalk it up to “coincidence” or simply being in “the right place at the right time”, but as we know — there are no coincidences in this universe.

If you find yourself saying things to a person like: “I just can’t believe we met the way we did!”, then there’s a good chance you’re dealing with a soulmate connection.

3. You Always Pick Up Where You Left Off

Time and distance do not exist between soulmates.

If someone is a soul connection, they could move to the other side of the planet, not speak to you for years on end, and yet the very moment you reconnect you will get the feeling you are “picking up right where you left off”.

There is no distance far enough to separate soulmates because they are connected at an energetic, soul level.

Whether you are in physical communication or not, you are always communicating with your soulmates energetically.

When you are not physically connecting or communicating with a soulmate, you may find them showing up in your dreams.

Soulmates often communicate through dreams when they are far apart in the physical world in order to keep in touch and continue to assist one another through life even when they can’t physically be together.

Because of this constant energetic communication happening between true soulmates, you will never feel socially awkward or unsure what to say around them, even if you have been apart for a long time.

You will not feel uncomfortable during silences in a conversation with a soulmate, or even during silences between you that last for years on end. Communication between soulmates takes place on so many levels that speaking to them with words is never necessary.

4. You Draw Attention in Public

One strange but true sign of a soulmate connection is that when you are out in public together, you will often draw attention from strangers.

You will find that when you are together, you radiate a powerful energy that seems to magnetically attract stares and glances from everyone around you.

The reason for this strange soulmate sign is that when two soulmates are together, their shared energy creates a combined aura that radiates outward into every room they step into.

Although most people cannot physically see this energetic field with their eyes, they can sense it unconsciously which causes their attention to naturally be drawn to a set of soulmates.

This is even more true when more than two soulmates join together in a group. The more soulmates are together in one place, the more energy is shared between them.

Because of this shared energetic effect, you will also find yourself feeling naturally energized in the presence of a soulmate even if you are an introvert or an empath who is usually drained by social interaction.

How to Connect With More of Your Soulmates

If you’re feeling lonely and would like to find and meet more soulmate connections, the best way to do this is to express yourself in the most authentic way possible.

Soulmates are magnetically attracted to one another through their shared soul frequencies.

However, the only way your soulmates can be drawn to you and recognize this connection to you is if you have the courage to speak and live your soul’s truth, even if this may be terrifying at first.

The ironic thing about attracting more of our soulmates into our lives is that the only way to attract our soul tribe is release our fear of being alone.

I find that the best way to find day-to-day courage to express my true soul’s potential is to meditate every morning along with a subliminal designed to clear energetic blockages from all 7 chakras.

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Did you recognize any of your soulmates after reading these signs? How many of these signs have you experienced with a soulmate connection? Let me know in the comments below!


– Infinity ∞

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  1. Kellie Aldridge

    Yes. My husband, my bestie who I’ve only met online through a singing app. We are exactly alike,even have a lot of the same medical conditions. We sense each other’s emotions even though we’re on different states. We felt the strongest idea of being twins or at least sisters in another lifetime. This info definitely confirmed the family part.

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