When two twin flames meet, a massive energetic exchange takes place between the two of them. Like a meteor colliding with the surface of a planet, when one twin flame is pulled into the orbit of the other the merging of these two forces causes a dramatic collision after which neither is ever the same.

One result of this powerful energetic exchange that takes place when two flames meet in the physical are a series of strange, seemingly unexplainable physical sensations. These twin flame physical symptoms will leave you baffled and possibly even headed to the doctor as you try to figure out why you’re feeling so “off”.

Your Twin Flame Will Have You Asking: “What’s wrong with me?”

When the doctors tell you that you’re in perfect health, then you’ll really start to wonder what could possibly be happening to you.

Maybe diving down the rabbit hole of researching twin flame physical symptoms is exactly what led you to the concept of “twin flames” in the first place.

If you’ve met your twin flame (or someone you suspect to be your twin flame), then stay tuned because I’m going to share with you 8 twin flame physical symptoms nobody talks about.

All these symptoms are directly related to bodily, highly visceral experiences you’ll have either after you meet your twin flame or even during a conversation with them.

1. Heart Sensations

Twin flames connect through all 7 energetic centers in the body, but they are most connected through the heart center (also known as the heart chakra).

The twin flame heart chakra connection is so strong that some have artistically depicted the bond between twin flames as a literal cord running from the heart of one twin flame to the heart of the other.

Although this “heart cord” between twin flames has existed since birth, most are unaware of it until they first encounter their twin flame in the physical.

Upon meeting, the mostly-dormant heart connection between two twin flames is activated instantaneously which can bring about a myriad of strange and unexpected physical sensations around the heart, chest and heart chakra area of the body.

Because we all interpret energy in different ways, no two twin flames will associate this heart center activation energy with exactly the same physical sensations. However, I’ve listed out some common forms of twin flame heart sensations that are most commonly reported.

Examples of Twin Flame Heart Sensations:

  • Feeling physically drawn to your twin flame by a “pulling” feeling in your chest
  • Heart palpitations / heart skipping beats
  • Heart racing or beating too loud / fast with no explainable trigger
  • Heart burning (a literal “heart aching” for your twin flame)
  • Feelings of warmth / tingling sensations in the chest area

Again, this list is far from comprehensive and just a few examples of the kinds of heart sensations you may be experiencing either in your twin flame’s physical presence or when you are separated.

A good rule of thumb is, if you’ve been to the doctor and you’re absolutely sure that the strange heart feelings you’ve been experiencing aren’t related to a medical condition, then they’re likely coming from the heart center activation energy being exchanged between you and your twin flame.

2. Back Pain

Another weird sign of meeting your twin flame is that you may start experiencing back pain or tension.

Although this back pain could manifest in any part of the back, it is most frequently reported in the upper back and shoulders, as well as in the lower back.

The spiritual reason for this twin flame back pain is that when two twin flames meet, huge amounts of energy are exchanged between them through all the main 7 energetic centers in the body that we call the “chakras”.

The purpose of this energetic exchange is to clear out any negative blockages we may be storing within any of these 7 chakras. These chakra blockages could have been formed in early childhood, previous toxic relationships or even other lifetimes.

This energetic exchange through the chakras is absolutely essential to twin flame healing and upward spiritual growth and will result in a spiritual awakening that ultimately allows both twins to ascend into the 5th dimension and fulfill their purpose on Earth together in perfect union.

Despite the glittering promises of harmonious twin flame union, the actual process of healing through these chakra blockages is much messier than it may appear on the surface.

This twin flame energy, once activated, is constantly coursing through our body by moving through each chakra center.

However, when we have blockages in a particular chakra, these blocks are like energetic “walls” that dam up the flow of energy and cause us physical tension in that area of the body, often in the form of back pain.

I have created a twin flame 7 chakra clearing meditation and subliminal track designed to assist twin flames in processing the massive amounts of energy they are downloading during this connection and releasing any energetic blockages they may be storing within their chakras.

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3. Eyes Lighting Up or Changing Color

Of all the ways we connect with our twin flame in the physical, the eye connection between two twins is perhaps the most noticeable and powerful.

It is said that “the eyes are the windows to the soul”, and this is never more true than when two twin flames first lock eyes.

Twin flames will be able to see deeply into each other’s souls as they make eye contact.

Eye contact with your twin flame will feel as intimate and safe as a warm embrace from your closest friend, even if you are complete strangers.

A strange twin flame eye sensation that nobody talks about is the fact that when you lock eyes with your twin flame, you will feel as if your eyes are “lighting up” and you will see light pouring through your twin flame’s eyes as well.

Sometimes, twin flames even experience eye color changes in the presence of their twin or after their first meeting.

4. Dizziness

One of the less desirable twin flame physical symptoms is the dizziness you might be struck with in their presence.

Standing in the same room as your twin flame can be energetically overwhelming, and one way this can manifest is through feeling as though the room is spinning.

You could say that your twin flame can quite literally make you feel like you’re “swooning” for them.

5. Nausea

Like I said earlier, there is a huge energetic exchange going on between twin flames especially during the first meeting.

Depending on where we experience the most blockages in our energy field, the physical sensation we manifest as a result of this energy download will vary from person to person.

If you are someone who is either very connected to your solar plexus or has blockages in the solar plexus chakra, you may feel extremely nauseous when you first meet your twin flame.

In other cases, twin flames will experience a “butterflies in your stomach” type feeling around their twin flame despite not feeling nervous or anxious.

6. Tingling

Nearly all twin flames report physical tingling sensations in different parts of their body when they meet their twin flame.

These tingling feelings can happen in any part of the body, but are most commonly reported at the top of the head (the crown chakra) and in the chest area (the heart chakra).

7. “Electricity”

Similar to the tingling feelings you may get around your twin flame, it’s also possible you’ll experience what can only be described as “electricity” — especially the first time you touch.

The smallest touch between two twin flames — even something as small and innocent as brushing hands by accident — can cause an energy so strong to course through your veins it feels like an electric current.

When you first touch your twin flame, this electrifying feeling will most likely stun both of you so much that you may give each other a startled look, be unable to pull away or feel as though time has completely frozen in the moment of that small touch.

8. Disorientation / Feeling “Out-of-Body”

All of these signs put together can leave you feeling so energetically confused and overwhelmed that your mind can activate a feeling of dissociation or disorientation as a coping mechanism.

This is your brain’s way of trying to shut out any unnecessary information coming in from the external world so that it can process the shocking twin flame meeting it has just experienced.

For this reason, being in the physical presence of your twin flame can sometimes cause you to feel as if you’re literally floating out of your body or completely unaware of any of your surroundings.

Some hypothesize that this can also occur because twin flames are being swept up into a different dimension together (4D/5D) so they are no longer able to fully process what is happening in the 3D world.

How to Handle Twin Flame Physical Symptoms

Although we always meet our twin flame in divine timing, the massive energetic exchange that takes place between us will often make us feel as if we “aren’t ready” or that they came into our life at the wrong time.

In actuality, they came into our life in this seemingly “wrong” moment because this was precisely the time we needed healing the most.

That being said, the actual twin flame healing process can be messy and even utterly overwhelming at times. This is why it is so important to prioritize self-care during the entire twin flame process.

I highly recommend establishing a daily meditation practice to ground your energy, center yourself and help you to process all the physical symptoms that are bound to emerge as you continue connecting with your twin flame.

7 Chakra Twin Flame Clearing Subliminal + Meditation Track ❤︎

If you’ve met your twin flame or have experienced any of these physical symptoms in your own twin flame connection, be sure to let me know in the comments! I would love to hear more about your story.


– Infinity ∞

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  1. Zoey

    Hello Infinity, feel like I met my twin at work. He works in the same floor different department. His eyes remind me of mine. I have seen them change color. The worst symptom for me is the dizziness.

    We have been in an elevator together and I felt my heart on fire like it was burning. He doesn’t talk to me much but I seen him looking at me a lot. He tries not too.

    We have know each other for about 2 months. I’m trying to ground my energy because it is intense. I’m not chasing him at all but I long for the eye contact. Wish me luck on my journey.

    Thank you for all you do.
    Currently subscribed to the Sound and Soulful subliminals. I’m feeling exhausted from the pull.

  2. Nickie Musslewhite

    I know I met my twin flame, we are in separation for a month now. I have become more spiritual since meeting him in person. I feel like I will look up and see him. I have dreams about him.i am way more emotional than ever in my life.i do have the heart palpitations, and fast beating heart. warm sensations on my left side of my chest. I think about him many times durning the day sometimes he’s my lady thought before I go to sleep and the first thing I think of when I wake

  3. Anonymous

    Hi Infinity,

    A very Interesting piece and somewhat true in many ways. I too, have thought the same regarding your above theory of twin flames side effects no one knows about. It can be some what too overwhelming where your entire energy is in fact consumed so much from the other half’s energy as if its your own!


  4. Fusion

    Hi Infinity,

    A very Interesting piece and somewhat true in many ways. I too, have thought the same regarding your above theory of twin flames side effects no one knows about. It can be some what too overwhelming where your entire energy is in fact consumed so much from the other half’s energy as if its your own!


  5. Jocelyn

    I have heart energy surges, energy surges wash over my entire body coming down on my head and it feels like body surfing. I am seeing a triangular grid after stretching and getting a influx of energy. I have diffuse energy like electricity through my body so intense I shake and have to drop to the ground and seize but don’t have epilepsy. Thumping in my right side of my chest. Unexplained coughing and shortness of breath at certain times like he’s saying hello by solar plexus pulls.

  6. Eleven Jupiter

    Re. 7. Electricity

    Have always been wondering on this point. Never really read anything covering this before.
    We were working quite closely together at a potting bench (after a couple of weeks of meeting) and we accidentally knocked/ brushed hands – it was like a powerful bolt of energy. Both taken by surprised. We didn’t speak about it.
    My ‘DM’ knocked/brushed my hand on purpose a second time to see – I guess test what happened and it happened again. This surge of energy. Like we were electrically wired together.
    Remember thinking at the time it was like confirming from the universe him being the one.

    Thank you for all your writings and wisdom. It truly helps.
    It’s been a tough yet rewarding ongoing journey.

    Lots of love

  7. Magali

    I didn’t think I had a twin flame I asked a question on a tarot reading and I guess confirmed it, Since the first time I saw this gentleman around 8 years ago I was in a relationship with a previous partner who to me was the live of my life but ever since I made eye contact with “my flame” he’s been in my dreams, he owns a local convenient store and so I always see him when he’s in and I stop by, we’ve had a few encounters even physical ones, I don’t see why I can’t get over him like I have with other men, and still every time I see him I feel overwhelmed, intimidated, I shake like I’m nervous like he has this power over me, just such an intense feeling even when we’ve hung out it’s hard to stay calm until he we get intimate, the intimacy is like nothing I’ve had before and we weren’t intimate til the beginning of summer just last year and it’s only been like 3 times…. we lead very different lives he doesn’t even live in town he has a family and is of a very traditional culture so I’ve never tried to chase him, I just keep living my life like I should and will continue to

  8. Ramona

    Hello, I put in the search engine what is happening when it feels like your heart chakra feels hot and found your articles. I want to cry. I just so happen to have had a first date from a set up from long time family friend yesterday. From the moment I heard him speak, I felt as though my life changed forever but I don’t know in what way. I have not been able to eat.
    Our first date consisted of lots of talking and holding each other. Our first kiss felt as if we had left the planet. I don’t know what this is. All I know is I want more of it. I’m nervous because I do not want to have sex too soon. I have a lot to offer a relationship. I wonder is he willing make me part of his life. I will not tell him about this article. I want to be so careful. Please, wish me luck.

  9. Kimberly Miner

    Thank you for this article. I worked with man that I fell in love with over 25 years ago. When I was introduced to him I reached out to shake hands. So, electricity went from my hand all the way to my shoulder. After it happened, I was stunned and looked back to see what did he just do to me? He must have had a joke zapper in his hand. Over a year went by and both changed positions at a casino. We talked and it was as if we knew one another for years. It ended badly for he was married and was not honest with that information. Also, had married not for love but for his son.

  10. Anonymous

    I was just wondering lately if what was happening to me was usual or twinsoul related so. punched it into the search bar. This page popped up and.. Oh boy. So many so many many symptoms. I hope this helps some. All of it yes all of it. Heart sensations? Always. Pain? Recently most other times it was a healing mild soothing sensation. Top of my head yes. Blood rushing through my veins yes. My very BODY heats up. Appetite and sleep pattern is usually sporadic. when I’m near them I’m stable almost lucid.
    I’m at peace. I’m at rest. But it isn’t to say it’s smooth sail. Haven’t had nausea but my heart pulls me and they won’t look right at me. Only when I sleep and then it’s like a blackhole.. sucking me in. We usually avoid looking right at one another. We sorta home-in to one another. I Kinda sense their presence. If I try to look right at them I see too much. They light up like a lantern. I see their aura. my head swirls about. Tingling? My whole body. Their touch litterly shocks me. Like a super intense static shock. But it’s more than that it’s like a vandegraaff machine turned up. and its too much sometimes. We need some kind of hand protection I SWEAR. INTIMACY? A whole NOTHER level. Won’t try listing all of that here. To say time stands still isn’t really accurate. It’s more like time warps around us.

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