The idea of astral projection is a common thread throughout all cultures, countries, religions and time periods. Although it has taken on different forms through history, the essence has always been the same: the soul [or consciousness] separates from the body in order to have an out-of-body experience.

You may think that you need to be “highly spiritual” or “enlightened” to astral project and have an out-of-body experience, but this isn’t the case. The astral projection “how-to” guide I’m going to give you in this post will teach you how to astral project regardless of whether you’re an advanced yogi master living in the Himalayas or just someone with a little bit of curiosity.

Accidental Astral Projection: You May Have Already Done it…

The reason astral projection has woven its way into every imaginable culture and religion is because it’s actually quite natural to us as humans.

It’s so natural, in fact, that you may have even had an astral projection experience that you don’t remember or didn’t recognize at the time.

Accidental Astral Projection – Example #1:

This is a very personal one to me because it’s a form of astral projection I experienced myself as a kid without even realizing it.

When you were a child, did you ever have a dream about being awake? As in, everything in your world felt completely real and normal as if you were living out a typical day and it wasn’t until you woke up that you realized it never happened?

This may have been a form of astral projection in which you left your body and moved around your usual environment (probably your house or backyard).

The reason it felt so real to you is because astral projection is a much more tangible, life-like experience than a typical dream and can also allow us to travel to real, physical location. The only difference is that instead of traveling with our bodies, we are traveling with our consciousness.

Accidental Astral Projection – Example #2:

This is a type of astral projection that not only is accidental, but an experience that you may not even be able to consciously remember.

Have you ever awoken in your bed and felt like you were in the wrong bed? You may have even gotten disoriented and wondered why you weren’t in a different physical location that you could’ve sworn you were just in.

When I was younger, I was very close with my grandparents so I would occasionally astral project to their house which was about a 45-minute drive away.

When I woke up in my own bed back at home, I wouldn’t remember exactly what had happened during the astral projection, I simply felt disoriented and thought — for some reason — I had been sleeping at my grandparents’ house.

As mysterious as this was to me as a child, I now understand it perfectly: I had astral projected in my sleep and because my consciousness had traveled to my grandparents’ physical home, my mind was still “catching up” to where my body was when I woke up.

Accidental Astral Projection – Example #3:

This is the most well-known form of accidental astral projection: a near-death experience.

The phenomenon of the soul/consciousness traveling outside the body during a medical crisis that is potentially life-threatening is so widely reported that there are entire books, movies and artwork dedicated to depicting it.

In these scenarios, someone is usually severely injured, sick or near death. Their consciousness leaves their body through astral projection and they are often able to look down and see their own body.

Like I said, this form of astral projection is completely automatic, accidental and unconscious.

Although many of us can and do accidentally have astral projection experiences, these random out-of-body “trips” are often brief and uncontrollable.

The real fun begins when we learn how to astral project intentionally and control these experiences so that we can explore other realms, visit friends and relatives and expand our consciousness.

The #1 Reason People Fail at Astral Projection

By this point, you may be wondering: if astral projection is so natural to us, why is it so difficult to actually do it?

Here’s the thing: astral projection is and should be natural to us, but we are living in unnatural ways that prevent us from accessing this innate power.

Our true nature is to be unbounded, limitless and joyful.

Young children are able to astral project far easier than adults because they have not yet been programmed by society, their parents and teachers to believe they shouldn’t be free or don’t deserve limitless happiness.

Our bodies are as much energetic as they are physical. The energetic centers of the body are popularly known as the “7 chakras”.

As we are slowly programmed into negative ways of thinking about ourselves, our worthiness, and the world around us, these thoughts become like barriers that prevent energy from flowing through the 7 chakras in the body.

These energetic blockages present a serious problem when it comes to astral projection.

Most people believe that astral projection is a total “separation” of the consciousness from the body, but this isn’t exactly true.

When we astral project, what we are actually doing is expanding our consciousness outward and into every corner of time and space.

In order to expand our consciousness through astral projection, we must be able to raise our frequency high enough to induce this expansion.

Blockages in our chakras keep us weighted down at lower frequencies and make it difficult (or nearly impossible) to astral project on purpose.

This is why I recommend listening to my 7-chakra clearing subliminal affirmations audio track prior to using the technique I’m about to share with you.

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The thing about the steps I’m about to share with you is the steps themselves are deceivingly simply — but if you don’t first find a way to clear out blockages in your energetic body, you will never be able to raise your vibration high enough to make astral projection work for you.

Astral Projection: How to Get Out of Your Body in 3 Steps

Step #1: The Meditation Stage

The first thing you need to do in order to astral project is to completely quiet your mind. It makes sense that in order to temporarily leave our physical body, we need to detach completely from the physical world.

Astral projection works best at night when it’s dark outside.

The most ideal time to try astral projection is actually when you’ve been asleep and then woke up in the middle of the night. This is because being asleep put your conscious mind into a less active state so you’ve already mostly achieved that feeling of detachment.

Next, you’re simply going to close your eyes and focus on your breathing. It’s very important that you not only release the thoughts in your mind, but the tension in your body.

Step #2: The “Vibrational” Stage

As you continue to meditate, you will notice your vibration beginning to rise. You may feel a physical sensation of numbness or even physical paralysis. This means you’re on the right track!

This numb feeling should begin to transform into a feeling that can only be described as having your finger in an electric socket. The main difference — obviously — is there’s no pain involved. You will simply feel as if waves of “electricity” are coursing through your body.

Step #3: Get Out of Your Body

Many people aren’t able to accomplish this third step until after several days, weeks or even months of getting to the “vibrational” stage.

This step is a bit harder to describe since it’s a non-physical sensation.

Basically, you need to find a way to separate your consciousness from your body through some form of mental exercise or visualization.

Technique #1: Climb the Rope

This is probably the most famous astral projection technique. All you need to do is envision a rope hanging down over your body.

Then, without moving your physical body, imagine yourself reaching up, grabbing onto the rope and pulling yourself up out of your body.

Technique #2: The “Roll Out”

This is my favorite technique because of its simplicity. As the name suggests, simply imagine yourself rolling out of your body.

Just like you would if you rolled over in bed, except without physically moving.

The trick with both these techniques — of course — is to find a way to conceptualize your consciousness as separate from yourself and then separate it from your physical body.

The Most Important Astral Projection Tip

The most important thing to remember when you’re trying to astral project for the first time is that you need to be patient.

It may only take you a few days, or it could take you 6 months.

Everyone is different but one thing is for sure: if you are consistent with practicing astral projection every single night following this technique, you will eventually be a master at exploring the astral realms.

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