Since the dawn of romance itself, humankind has been searching for ways to cause another person to fall in love with them. But how do love spells really work and how can we cast them effectively?

Everything You Know About Love Spells is Wrong

When most people hear the term “love spell”, they think of stringing together the perfect incantation or combining the right ingredients.

To cast a true, successful love spell, you don’t need a single herb or secret word. There’s no formula or magic wand.

If there was a “secret tool” to casting a love spell, it would be between your ears — your own brain. Every romantic relationship is created in the mind first.

Usually, we “manifest” our relationships unconsciously, but we also have the power to consciously create relationships with specific people if we choose.

After reading this post, you’ll know how love spells really work and how you can cast an effective love spell using nothing but the power of your own mind.

Why Love Spells Really Work

In reality, love spells are nothing more or less than a way to use the law of attraction in order to consciously create a romantic relationship with another person.

The law of attraction is the same force that creates all our romantic relationships in life, although many of us are completely unaware of it.

Just reflect back on one of your past relationships. More than likely, you’ll be able to trace the beginning of the romantic connection to a time when one of you had a crush on the other.

This “crush” was a desire so powerful, clear and emotion-filled that it caused the person with the crush to manifest the relationship into bring.

You’ve probably cast this accidental love spell…

In some cases, you were probably the one who manifested the relationship by casting an accidental “love spell” with your mind.

These are the times when you’re constantly doodling your crush’s name and imagining your future wedding before they even know about your existence.

Then, one day years later, you end up in a relationship with that person and realize you manifested it all those years ago through your daydreams.

Signs You are the Victim of a Love Spell

While you’ve probably cast a love spell (consciously or unconsciously) that manifested a relationship with an ex, you may also look back and realize you’ve been on the receiving end of love magic, too.

You can know that your ex manifested you if your relationship started completely platonically and you had no romantic interest in them whatsoever.

The first time you met your ex, you may have felt no physical or emotional attraction to them. In fact, they may have left very little impression on you whatsoever.

Then, seemingly out of the blue, you started seeing them in a romantic light.

You started obsessively thinking about them and imagining what it would be like to date them. This may have been a confusing experience for you because you had initially felt absolutely nothing romantic for this person.

The reason for your sudden romantic interest in this person you had no initial feelings for is because they used the power of their mind to cast a “love spell” on you and manifest your relationship into being.

99% of the time, when people cast these sorts of law of attraction love spells, they are completely unaware that they are doing so.

It’s almost as if we are born with the innate knowledge that if we visualize something by daydreaming about our crush, writing their name over and over or falling asleep thinking about them, we will manifest the relationship into existence.

How many of these love manifesting techniques have you unknowingly participated in?

Example Accidental “Love Spells”:

  • Writing your name with your crush’s last name
  • Keeping a diary where you frequently write about all the things you love about your crush
  • Telling your friends that you’re going to date or marry your crush someday
  • Talking excitedly to your friends or family about your crush
  • Falling asleep thinking about your crush and dreaming of them
  • Imagining what it would be like to date your crush

All the aforementioned activities may seem perfectly innocent and commonplace — you probably have even done several of them in the past.

But, despite how innocuous they may seem, each of these crush-related antics are immensely powerful techniques that combine the miracle-working forces of the universe with the limitless creative power of the subconscious mind in order to concoct a powerful mind “love potion”.

The Only Love Spell Ingredients You Need

To cast an effective love spell, all you really need are these 2 ingredients:

  1. A Clear Intention. In this case, your intention would be the specific person you want to manifest and the type of romantic relationship you want to have with them.
  2. Positive Energetic Momentum. You have to find some way of getting the energy moving in a positive direction. This could be anything from simply visualizing a relationship with your crush. Even a single 15-minute visualization is enough to get the momentum going enough that this relationship would manifest in your life.

Why Some Love Spells Don’t Work

The natural question you’re probably wanting to ask by now is: “If it’s so easy to cast a love spell, even accidentally, then why isn’t everyone dating their crush?”

You may also be thinking back to a time when you performed several of these accidental “mind power” love spells — daydreaming, diary-writing, etc — and yet, you never ended up dating your crush.

The reason many (if not most) love spells fail, is for one reason and one reason only: negative thinking about your crush or your relationship with them.

Like I said, there are really only 2 love spell ingredients — a clear intention and positive energetic momentum. When we have a crush on someone, these two things tend to happen naturally.

Still, not all of us have ended up dating our crushes in the past. So what gives?

The Secret Poison that Ruins a Love Spell

Negative thinking is the secret poison that will prevent any love spell from working.

Sometimes, these negative thoughts come from our own insecurities.

We think our crush is out of our league or that there’s no possibility they’d be interested in us. We doubt our own attractiveness or our ability to attract and hold onto a romantic relationship with the person we really want to date.

Every time we think one of these negative thoughts, we are counteracting our own positive energetic momentum.

These two opposing energies — wanting a relationship with this specific person but also doubting that it will happen — work against one another and essentially cancel out your love spell altogether.

If you want to truly cast an effective love spell, either through potions, incantations or the power of the mind, there is only one thing you must do to ensure it will work successfully: you must find a way of eliminating any negative thoughts you have about yourself, your crush or your relationship with them.

In order to fully eliminate any negative thinking and cast an effective love spell, you must weed out these thoughts from not only the conscious part of your brain, but the subconscious as well.

The #1 Thing That Will Cancel Out Your Love Spell

Subconscious negative thoughts are the culprit behind nearly ever failed manifestation — especially when it comes to love and romance.

We each have subconscious programming about love that plays out over and over in the types of relationships we manifest (or don’t manifest) into our lives.

Although these subconscious habit loops of thought often begin early on in childhood, they continue to play out over and over in our adult lives.

This is why we tend to attract the same types of people and relationships no matter how hard we try to raise our romantic standards.

Subconscious Negative Thinking is the Cause of:

  • Consistently attracting romantic partners that cheat on you or lie to you
  • Always feeling as if you are “settling” for partners
  • Never seeming to be able to attract the men/women you actually consider your type
  • Not being able to attract a specific person you’re in love with
  • Feeling jealous, unlovable, unsupported or irrational in your relationships and being unable to change these feelings no matter how hard you try

Whenever we experience something negative in our love life — especially when it happens to us over and over with new people — it is a sign that we have negative subconscious thoughts about love, romance, relationships and ourselves that are preventing us from attracting the romantic love we truly desire and deserve.

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