Alchemy is real, but not in the way most people understand it. At your fingertips, you have the power to create anything in your life “out of thin air” using a form of modern alchemy. This process doesn’t work by combining certain ingredients or rituals like the alchemists of ancient times, but by harnessing the magic of your own mind.

In this post, I’ll be teaching you how to become an alchemist in real life, with unlimited stores of mental magic you can use to transmute your current challenges and hardships into connection, abundance and soul-level fulfillment.

The Curious & Mysterious History of Alchemy

Alchemy has left its mark on every culture and country in the world.

Like footprints leave trails in the sand, alchemists have left clues to a winding, mystical path through human history.

These clues would take you along a strange and arduous journey, through palaces in India, across the seas to China and up the staircases of medieval European castles.

It would take you as deep into the African jungle as your curiosity would care to go, and as far across the Egyptian desert as you could tolerate before collapsing in confusion.

At the end of it all, you’d be left with more questions than answers.

If alchemy is truly nothing more than pseudoscience, how could this obvious fairytale have weaseled its way into every place and time known to man?

What is it about alchemy that convinced kings to pour their riches into uncovering its secrets, even driving some to kill?

Alchemical Magic: Immortality & Riches

Perhaps the allure of alchemy is the way it reaches deep into our hearts and promises the fulfillment of our strongest and most impossible desires.

From an elixir for immortality, to a stone that can heal any illness, to the most famous promise of all — the ability to transmute common metals into gold — if there is even a grain of truth to it, alchemy would be the most worthy investment imaginable.

Mastering the art of alchemy would mean unlimited stores of wealth, bulletproof health and vitality, and even eternal life.

To evade death and live in opulence forever has been the ever-moving goalpost of the elite and poor alike for as long as we’ve been living and dying.

In other words: alchemy promises what we all want most.

It’s the key to the escape hatch in this bunker of mortality.

It’s the money tree that grows forever, yielding an endless harvest of riches.

It’s your heart’s deepest desire, pressurized into an ancient magical stone or liquefied into a precious glass vial.

Alchemy made such a deep and lasting impression on the hearts of every generation and culture because it is a physical representation of an intangible truth: we are all the alchemists of our own lives.

The alchemists of ancient times were looking for gold in all the wrong places.

They thought it might be hiding in a series of precise steps or a combination of specific ingredients. All along, the limitless wealth they sought so fervently was inside them — in their own mind.

Just as the alchemists of old transmuted lead into gold, we can use a modern alchemy of the mind to transmute our ideas into a physical reality we can see and touch.

Here are some examples of modern mind alchemy you have the power to perform:

  • You have the power to transmute hardship and pain into joy and beauty.
  • You have the power to transmute loneliness and a deep longing for love into the most passionate relationship with your soulmate.
  • You have the power to transmute poverty and lack mentality into effortless abundance doing something you absolutely love.
  • You have the power to transmute the “flash” of an inspiration into a wildly successful business that becomes the next Apple or Facebook.
  • You have the power to transmute feeling uncomfortable and unhealthy in your body to having the ideal body of your dreams.

This list is nowhere near comprehensive.

You have the power to transmute literally anything in your life through modern mind alchemy.

Whether what you want most is related to romance, finances, family, career or a material object, know that you can choose — right now — to turn this difficult situation into the manifestation of your most outlandish and seemingly impossible desires.

#1 Reason That Alchemists Failed

Countless alchemists failed to transmute the things they desired because they believed the process of alchemy was happening outside of them, not within them.

The first step to becoming a successful alchemist is understanding where the alchemy is taking place.

Everything in our lives is a reflection of the thoughts we think most in our mind. This is the root of the famous saying: “As within, so without.”

True alchemy happens within the mind.

The “transmutation” process isn’t the combination of perfect words, rituals or ingredients but the changing of our own thoughts.

When you transmute thoughts of lack into thoughts of abundance, the money will be deposited into your bank account.

When you transmute thoughts of loneliness into thoughts of connection, the man or woman of your dreams will ask you on a date.

When you transmute thoughts of doubt into thoughts of confidence, your business will suddenly take off and everyone will be calling you an “overnight success.”

Using the following three steps, you can perform the art of mind alchemy. Starting with nothing but your own thoughts, you can shift the very fabric of our universe and manifest anything into reality.

Modern Mind Alchemy: 3 Steps

1. Set an Intention for Your Alchemical Practice

Successful alchemy must begin with a clear intention.

You can manifest several things at once, but you must have a single, seamless vision that includes all of these elements.

To start thinking like an alchemist, you must take on the obsessiveness and single-mindedness of alchemists of history.

Just as traditional alchemists wouldn’t try to transmute gold and silver at the same time, you must have a single vision for your own mental alchemical practice.

Write down what it is you would like to transmute and what you want the end result to look like.

This statement should include:

  • What you are starting with
  • What you going to do in order to transmute this thing into something else
  • What you want the end result to be
  • The time period for your alchemy

For example, let’s say you want to manifest 1 million dollars by starting an online business.

Your statement could look something like: “By [insert end goal date here], I will have 1 million dollars in my bank account. I will perform this mental alchemy by creating an online business that [describe what value your business provides to the world].”

The important thing to remember about mental alchemy is that you must start with something.

Traditional alchemists always started with some kind of common, less valuable material (like lead or mercury) with the goal of transmuting it into gold.

In the case of modern mind alchemy, you may be starting with some kind of idea that you plan to transmute into a certain amount of money or a specific material object.

In both cases, the alchemist begins with something that most people would consider less valuable or not valuable at all, and he/she turns this valueless thing into something of immense value.

2. Create a Ritual

Next, you must create a daily alchemical ritual that will bring about the manifestation of your goal.

Alchemists of ancient times would create rituals that involved potions, incantations and specific materials that were passed along through texts and guides from one generation to the next.

In order for you to become an alchemist of your own life, you must create a ritual that allows the process of alchemy, day by day, to continue working within your mind.

Remember: the end goal of this alchemy is to shift the thoughts in your mind, which by the law of attraction will then cause you to attract the thing you want to create in your life.

To fast-track your results and amplify your manifestation power, incorporate subliminal affirmations into your daily meditation practice. Subliminals are incredibly powerful because — unlike traditional affirmations — they bypass the conscious filter of the mind and speak directly to the subconscious, which is truly the powerhouse of manifestation.

I have created a powerful subliminal designed to turn you into the ultimate alchemist of your life by reprogramming your mind and magnetizing your energy for success in all areas of life.

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Examples of a Modern Alchemical Ritual:

  • Meditating and visualizing your goal for a certain period of time every day
  • Taking a certain series of action steps toward your goal every day
  • Repeating spoken affirmations every day

The main difference between ancient alchemy and modern mind alchemy is that ancient alchemists believed that the power and magic were contained in the perfection of this ritual, whereas in modern alchemy we know that the power and magic are all within the mind.

It doesn’t matter what series of daily actions you choose, because the power isn’t actually in choosing the “right” actions.

The only reason for this ritual is to show continued commitment to your own intention so that you prevent your mind from shifting back into the “old” reality.

3. Believe in Your Own Magic

The final (and most important) step to becoming an alchemist is to believe in your ability to transmute anything you desire into a physical reality.

Traditional alchemists combined every possible combination of metals, words and tools in an attempt to create gold. Little did they know, they were missing the most important ingredient of all: faith.

When you begin to recognize your mind as the true goldmine that it is, when you begin to invest in yourself and your genius the way kings invested in the promises of alchemy, only then will you reclaim the magic that has been within you all along.

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