Generational curses are chains that keep us tethered to certain outcomes in life. They are the invisible forces at work when we find something to be always just out of arm’s reach, be it a passion-filled relationship, a soulful career path or a certain level of income.

In this post, we’ll be delving into everything you need to know about generational curses. I’ll be answering your most pressing questions about generational curses, including: what they are, how to know if you’re experiencing one, and — most importantly — how to break a generational curse forever.

The Origins of Generational Curses

It all began before our birth.

We chose families to be born into based upon patterns we wanted to shift, wounds we wanted to heal and events we wanted to experience, all for the ultimate growth and evolution of our own soul and soul family.

Do you ever feel as if you don’t belong in your family, community or social circle? Are you always the “odd one out”, the “weird one” or even the “black sheep”?

This is likely because you weren’t sent here to follow the pattern, you were sent here to create a new one.

Although breaking generational curses is meant to free yourself and you soul’s family here on Earth, the actual process of breaking these curses is messy in realtime.

Ironically, most who are under generational curses are bound by them completely unconsciously. They have lived so long within the burdens and restraints of the curse that it has become familiar.

When someone in the family — like yourself — identifies the family curse and sets out to change it, they are typically met with severe backlash.

This could come in the form of ridicule, discouraging off-hand comments, passive aggression, isolating, or could even escalate to pure rage.

When other react to your breaking of generational curses, know that they are not reacting to you — they are reacting to a wound.

Even once they are accepted as reality, generational curses cause us an immense amount of pain.

Those who are negatively reacting to your attempts to break these curses are reacting in this way because they have probably tried and failed over and over to break them themselves.

They want to tell you it’s impossible to improve in this area of your life because — in their experience — it has been impossible for them. The thought that someone else may achieve something they failed to do is nearly unbearable.

Their lives are largely a product of these generational curses, and as you break them they are only reminded of the things they could’ve changed in their own lives, but didn’t.

You are freeing them from their bonds, but some don’t like freedom.

You are breaking them from their chains, but some wouldn’t know where to go without being tethered.

They will react how they will.

But you? You go forward.

Break the chains, unlock the prison door, free yourself and pass on freedom to your children and their children after them.

Signs You Are Under a Generational Curse

You can know you’re experiencing the effects of a generational curse when you feel as if you are the victim of a pattern that feels impossible to break.

Generational curses are like well-trodden paths set out before us — they are easy to follow, even when they are leading us places we don’t want to go.

Breaking generational curses requires us to “cut through the forest” instead of following these easy trails. It requires much more determination and often leaves us feeling a bit lost and alone.

If it feels as if a clear path is laid out before you that you don’t want to follow — whether it’s a habit of reacting in a certain way to your partner or a specific career path — you are probably experiencing a generational curse.

Here are some common types of generational curses:

Types of Generational Curses

1. Love & Relationships

It is commonly said that if you want to see how your future husband or wife will end up treating you, look at their own mother or father.

The truth of this old adage stems from an ingrained understanding of how generational “love curses” we are born with end up affecting how we act and are treated in our own romantic relationships as adults.

The generational curse of relationships is that we tend to seek out the same form of love we received from our parents or saw them giving to each other.

When you’re under a generational curse in your relationships, you will find yourself dating the same types of men or women that share negative qualities you find yourself constantly trying to escape from.

Alternatively, you may find yourself always replaying the same fears and insecurities in your relationships like an actor playing a certain character role that he can’t break out of.

When you’re under a generational curse related to love, healthy relationships may actually feel bad to you because they prod an ancient generational wound.

Boundaries feel like rejection, space feels like separation and open communication feels like personal insult.

What you are coming up against when you find yourself negatively reacting to healthy relationship dynamics are the generational negative patterns within relationships that feel deeply familiar to you, even on a soul level.

Your parents, grandparents, great-grandparents and so on probably all played out these dynamics and they are so deeply ingrained into you that you can only feel love within the confines of this mental prison cell.

2. Money

If you find yourself always broke or breaking even on finances no matter how much money you’re earning, what you’re spending or what type of career you have, then you are probably experiencing a generational curse related to money.

Poverty is like a disease passed on from one generation to the next.

It’s a disease we don’t even realize we have, because everyone around us has it too. Our parents were poor, our siblings are poor, and we will usually end up attracting friends that are poor too.

When we are under a poverty curse, we are quite literally blocking the easy flow of money into our lives. We’ve built a metaphorical dam inside ourselves that always keeps a set amount of money in our bank account and prevents more money from coming in.

3. Career

If you feel like you had “no choice” over your college education or your career path, you are probably facing down a generational curse related to career.

This is why it is such a big deal for someone to be the first in their family to go to college. Their drastic change in their own educational trajectory results in a breaking of a generational curse related to education and career.

This is also why, after the first in a family goes to college, most later generations follow suit naturally. That one brave person broke the curse for all future generations forever and laid a path for their children to more easily follow.

On the other hand, you may come from a family that has a generational curse of working a career they hate in order to earn money. You were probably raised to believe that “no one likes their job” and told that your passions would never earn you a living and would be best kept as hobbies.

4. Low Self-Worth

One of the most rampant generational curses of all is a lack of self-worth, passed on from one generation to the next.

Sometimes, this curse mainly targets one gender in the family. For example, you may be a woman that comes from a line of women who all had very low self-esteem, and spent their lives sacrificing their own passions to please their parents, husband and children.

As a woman with this curse of low self-worth, you will find you are met with backlash when you attempt to forge your own way in life and assert yourself in a more powerful, confident way.

Like hermit crabs will pull one another back down into the tank if one tries to escape, you may find yourself experiencing ridicule from other women in your family as you step out and heal this curse within yourself.

How to Break a Generational Curse

1. Recognize the Pattern

Many live their lives in a prison cell because they don’t know they’re in one. The first step to breaking a generational curse is to recognize it and acknowledge it. Only by becoming conscious of the negative patterns ingrained within us do we have the power to dissolve those patterns.

Identify the areas of your life that seem “stuck”, or the moments throughout the day in which you find yourself acting, thinking and speaking in negative ways that feel almost instinctive. These “instincts” to react negatively most likely have their roots in a generational curse.

Once you’ve identified the negative pattern, begin to ask questions about it.

Questions to ask about your generational curse:

  • How do I see this pattern playing out in the lives of other family members?
  • How has this pattern served me in the past?
  • How is this pattern preventing me from reaching my goals or negatively impacting my life?
  • What is my motive for changing this pattern?
  • How will changing this pattern positively impact my life and the lives of my children?
  • What action steps can I take today to start changing this pattern?
  • How can I hold myself accountable for changing this pattern?

When asking these questions, it’s especially important to fixate upon the positive benefits you will reap from breaking this generational curse.

It takes a great deal of courage and stamina to forge a new path for yourself in life, so breaking this curse will require you to have a firm motive at the outset.

2. Set Your Own Course

Like I said earlier, generational curses are like well-trodden life paths that are easy to follow, even though they lead us places we don’t want to go.

The only way to truly break a generational curse is to forge your own path in life.

As you begin to “cut through the forest” and create a path that’s never been walked before in your family history, it’s imperative that you know where you’re going so as to not get lost in the metaphorical woods.

Create a vision for yourself that includes your relationships, career, money and any material goals that are important to you.

Keep your eyes on this vision day after day; let it guide you. It will he the North Star leading you to your freedom.

3. Daily Renewal & Refocusing

As I always say here on my blog: tune into yourself before tuning out into the world.

Find a way to recenter yourself on this vision you have created day by day. Human beings are creatures of habit, which includes habits of new thinking.

It takes time for us to fully absorb and act upon new ideas, especially ideas that are not only new to us but new to the whole lineage of our family.

The best form of daily renewal and refocusing you can use to break generational curses is a morning mediation practice. For optimal results, meditate while listening to subliminal affirmations tracks.

Subliminals are audio meditation tracks designed to plant positive affirmations deeply upon your subconscious mind. They are extremely effective because unlike traditional affirmations, subliminal affirmations bypass the filter of the conscious mind so that we can experience faster, more lasting transformation in our lives.

I have created a subliminal affirmations audio track designed specifically for breaking generational curses by clearing energetic blockages in all 7 main energetic centers in the body. Chakra-clearing is imperative to dissolving generational curses because these patterns manifest as blockages in the body’s energy field.

Click here to access my 7-chakra clearing subliminal designed to help you break generational curses
Access my powerful subliminal for clearing energetic blockages in all 7 chakras & breaking generational curses

4. Go Easy on Yourself

When it comes to breaking generational curses, progress can be slow at times.

This isn’t due to any fault of our own or of the process we are using, but because we are not only healing our own wounds and dissolving our own internal blockages, but those of an entire soul family.

Generations and generations of pain, trauma and lack mentality are being processed through the cells of our being as we begin this process. It is only natural that we will feel deeply emotional, overwhelmed, scared or anxious at times as we rewire such ancient mind programming.

Be kind and gentle with yourself.

Acknowledge your own strength and bravery for attempting a feat of deep soul evolution that has never been attempted before in all your family’s history on this planet.

Acknowledge the powerful healing work you are doing that will benefit not only yourself, but your children and their children after them.

Praise yourself with every inch forward you accomplish on this brand new, never-before-forged path you are cutting through the forest of life.

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