Knowing how to cast a spell is easy because it’s something you’ve probably been doing your entire life. After reading this article, you’ll not only be reawakened to your own inner magic but you will also learn spells for beginners you can start using today with no prior knowledge or experience.

Spell casting is so deeply embedded in our history and traditions that you’ve casted hundreds of spells already without even realizing you were doing it.

Spells You’ve Casted [Without Knowing it]:

If you’ve ever wished for something while doing some kind of ritualistic action — blowing out a birthday candle, gazing upon a lucky star, tossing a penny into a fountain — congratulations! You’re a witch.

Maybe you’re a little put-off to the idea of “magic” and “witchcraft”. It’s possible (and understandable) you may feel this way because humankind has a rich history of hunting and burning witches.

I know that personally, I don’t resonate much with the term “witch” and I feel more comfortable calling myself a “lightworker”, “awakened being” or “conscious creator of my reality”.

That being said, as I started taking a more clear-headed, level approach to the idea of spells I realized something that surprised me and changed my life: spell casting and law of attraction “manifesting” are exactly the same.

Spell Casting = Manifestation

Casting spells is nothing more than focusing and directing your energy with the intention of bringing about a change in your life.

If you’ve been a follower of the law of attraction (or any kind of modern day success philosophy) then you’ve probably performed even more “spell casting” than most.

In the law of attraction world we call talking to yourself in the mirror “daily affirmations”. In witchy terms, we’d call this “spell casting through incantation”.

The only real difference I’ve found between spell casting and manifesting — if there even is one — is that it seems like it’s more common (though not necessary) to include tools when casting a spell such as crystals, candles, and herbs.

The “Disney magic” is real. And it’s inside you.

Deep down, I think most of us believe in some form of magic. It’s the story woven through every Disney movie we watched growing up.

Just think of the story of Cinderella: a servant girl wishes for something and her fairy-godmother comes along as an answer to her prayers, sprinkling magic on her life to transform it into something grander than she could’ve imagined.

We love these stories as children and even as adults because they touch a chord in the very core of our souls; they resonate in the ancient caverns within ourselves and awaken something dormant within our own DNA — the realization that we, too, have magic at our fingertips.

Like Cinderella, our wishes, hopes and dreams can come true.

The thing most of us fail to realize is that our fairy godmother isn’t going to appear out of thin air and enchant our lives — the fairy godmother is within us every moment of every day.

Knowing how to cast a spell is as simple as learning how to discover and tap into your own limitless inner reserves of magic.

Remember as you read through the following spell-casting techniques and rituals that each of these methods is only working upon one thing — you.

There are many different spell casting techniques out there — in fact, the techniques are as limitless as your own imagination. Regardless of which technique you use, I’ve found that spells of all kind follow the same general steps:

3 Steps to Spell Casting

STEP 1: Set an Intention

Setting a clear intention is the first and arguable most important step to casting a spell.

Remember that spell-casting, at its root, is nothing more than directing your energy towards a certain goal or outcome.

If you’re not clear about your outcome, your energy will be muddy and chaotic and it’s unlikely your spell will yield desirable results.

Once you’ve come up with a clear intention in your mind, solidify it to yourself in some way. My favorite way to clarify an intention is by writing it down, but you could also simply speak it aloud clearly and confidently.

Your intention isn’t just about the end goal of your spell, but also about the energy you bring to the table.

Prepare your energy for your spell by meditating, clearing your mind and ensuring that you’re in a positive mental state before casting.

To get positive and clear results, you must enter your spell casting ritual with a positive and clear mindset first.

STEP 2: Be Sure Your Spell isn’t Harmful

This is VERY important step.

You must be absolutely sure that the spell you’re about to cast is intended only to benefit or uplift yourself and others, never to bring harm.

It is said within witchcraft that whenever you put something out into the Universe, it returns to you three times over.

So if you send out a negative intention to another, that intention will harm you three times as much as it will harm the recipient of your spell.

STEP 3: Choose a Technique

There’s no right or wrong answer when it comes to choosing your particular spell casting technique.

Some techniques may stand out to you and resonate more deeply than others.

Listen to these inclinations, because this is your own intuition telling you which methods will allow you to cast the most effective spells in your own life.

You can choose one of the two techniques I recommend below, or you could even create your own. Remember that all we’re doing here is sending your intention out into the Universe in a powerful way.

Spell Casting Through Candle Burning

This is one of the easiest spell casting techniques for beginners.

To start, simply purchase a certain number of tea candles and a candle stand from anywhere (even the Dollar Store). I recommend purchasing 7 so you can perform this ritual 7 days in a row, preferably the first day being a New Moon.

Every night for the allotted period of time, speak or write your intention and allow the candle to burn down completely.

Imagine as it burns that you are allowing your doubts, fears and barriers to burn down along with the wick of the candle.

If you’re trying to create something with your spell, it is best to write down the thing you’re trying to create, set that piece of paper beside the candle and allow the candle to burn near it.

If you’re trying to eliminate something with your spell (like your own internal doubts, fears, or insecurities) then you could place a rock beside the candle and then dispose of the rock after the ritual in some undisclosed location like at the bottom of a lake.

Spell Casting Through Incantation

Like I said earlier, incantations are used all the time within the law of attraction community — we just call them “affirmations”.

There are many ways to go about using incantations to cast your spell.

One is through the usual “I am” affirmations.

In witchcraft, it is believed that these are especially powerful when spoken into a mirror because many believe that mirrors can be cosmic portals.

It is also said that when you create affirmations that rhyme, you amplify the power of your incantation because it impresses more deeply upon your subconscious mind.

Rhyming incantations also produce a kind of rhythm, and rhythm is a tool used by many witches to increase vibration and send a more powerful message out into the universe.

Simply listening to affirmations (or incantations) over and over can have a similar effect to spell casting through incantation.

This is one of my favorite manifestation methods because it’s easy to incorporate into your daily routine when all it requires is playing a soundtrack on your phone.

Another form of incantation is creating a mantra for yourself.

A mantra is essentially an affirmation with the letters “mixed up”.

This is similar to the idea of subliminal affirmations — bypassing the conscious mind by distracting it, while deeply making an impression upon the subconscious mind that is still able to clearly receive the message.

So, for example, if you want to turn the affirmation “I am wealthy” into a mantra you would simply take the letters:


Put all the letters together:


Mix the letters up to form a new phrase (that won’t be an actual word):


Obviously you can make this up as you go, but for example you might pronounce this new mantra as: “wee-mah-lee-het-uh” and then chant it over and over as you meditate, burn incense or perform any other kind of ritual that resonates with you.

FINAL NOTE: Keep your spells a secret.

You’ve probably heard the common superstition that if you tell someone what you wish for when you blow out your birthday candles, your wish won’t come true.

The exact same idea applies to spell casting.

If there’s a single most important tip I could give to all you beginning spell casters out there, it would be this: do not tell anyone about your spells until they “come true”.

Whenever you share about something you’re trying to change, create or manifest in your life, the way they react affects your own subconscious mind and can actually dilute your power or even prevent that manifestation altogether.

The witches of old were burned at the stake for believing in their own innate power and magic.

Metaphorically, those of us in modern times who begin to wake up to our own power and consciously create our lives may come head-to-head with those who want us to continue sleeping.

Even if you don’t consider yourself a “witch”, I hope you find within you the courage of those ancient witches who refused to accept mediocrity even in the face of ridicule and isolation.

You are more powerful than you can imagine. Your wishes are destined to come true. The magic has always been within you.

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