In this article I’m going to be teaching you how to make someone fall in love with you over text.

Get ready to harness the power of the law of attraction along with all the miracle-working forces of the universe to turn yourself into an irresistible magnet for your crush — completely and only through your text message conversations with them.

Text Message Remote Seduction: Why it Works

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you know that I talk a lot about remote seduction.

Remote seduction is just a fancy term for using the law of attraction to consciously create a romantic bond between you and the specific person you desire.


This technique hinges on remote seduction concepts but with a twist: instead of simply using visualization and affirmations to attract a specific person, we’re also incorporating text messages into our remote seduction practice to make it even more powerful.

Conventional Dating Advice Has it All Wrong

When it comes to texting your crush, most conventional dating advice is fixated on the following two things only:

1) What you should and shouldn’t say to your crush over text.

2) When you should text your crush and when you shouldn’t.

If you’ve ever caught feelings for someone you’re texting and wanted to impress them, you’ve probably found yourself asking the following questions:

  • Am I texting him/her too much?
  • What if I’m coming off as too desperate over text?
  • Should I text him/her first or wait for them to text me?
  • How long should I wait to text back?
  • Is double-texting okay or do I look needy?

I’m here to tell you something that will forever change your perspective on texting a love interest: the “what” and the “when” don’t matter.

There is only one thing that matters when it comes to texting your crush: your energy.

It’s not the words themselves or the timing that matters; it’s the energy behind the words that counts.

When you learn to shift your energy first, you are able to infuse your text messages to your crush with a kind of magnetism that will spark their romantic interest in you and pull the two of you together with a force as certain and effortless as gravity.

Using the powerful technique I’m going to share with you in this post, it won’t ever matter again what you text your crush or when you text them.

You can release all worries about coming off as “desperate” or “needy” over text because regardless of how many times you text them or what you say to them, every text message they read from you will deepen their romantic feelings toward you and only make them want you more.

Key #1: Think of text messages as a form of energy.

To make the law of attraction work for you so that you can manifest a relationship with the person you desire, you must first begin to think of the world in terms of energy and vibration.

Everything is energy — even the texts you send.

Our words hold immense manifestation power, whether we speak them aloud, write them down, think them in our head or send them in the form of a text message.

Every time you send or receive a text message, you are exchanging energy with the person you are texting.

If you don’t believe me, I’m going to prove it to you once and for all with the following text message conversation scenario I’m sure you’ve experienced in your own life.

Text Message Scenario:

Let’s say you have a platonic friend you text back and forth with nearly every day.

You have no romantic interest in this friend whatsoever, so you text them whenever you feel like it and never worry about texting them too often or coming off as too “needy”.

In fact, you may break all the “conventional rules of texting” by double-texting them all the time, texting them at all times of the day and sending them long messages with several paragraphs of text.

One day, this “friend” confesses that they’ve had a crush on you for months and wants to take your relationship beyond friendship. You don’t return their affections so you reject them and continue on with the platonic friendship.

Yet, even though you’re treating them purely as a friend and not trying to impress them over text whatsoever, everything you say to them seems to make them fall more in love with you.

The Takeaway:

Notice in this example that the timing and content of your text messages had absolutely no effect on this person’s feelings for you.

No matter how frequently you texted them or what you said to them over text, they continued to feel more attracted and romantically interested in you.

What they were really attracted to wasn’t that you were perfectly following some secret texting code of dating — they were attracted to the energy behind your text messages.

How to Shift Your Energy & Attract Your Crush Via Text

The most powerful way to shift your energy is by reprogramming the thoughts in your subconscious mind.

This is because it’s actually our subconscious thoughts control 95% of our actions and outcomes in life.

Because these thoughts are completely unconscious, we often don’t even realize we’re thinking them.

In fact, some of our subconscious programming comes from early childhood or even from conversations we overheard and “recorded” as infants.

I’ve found through my own experience and by working with clients that the fastest and most effective way to completely reprogram the thoughts in the subconscious mind is by meditating with subliminal affirmations tracks.

Subliminals are so effective because unlike traditional, spoken affirmations [which only work on our conscious thoughts], subliminal tracks are designed to bypass this conscious “gatekeeper” of the mind and make deep, lasting impressions on the subconscious.

Click here to check out my powerful remote seduction subliminal designed to clear away negative energies and attract a romantic relationship with a specific person.

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Key #2: Always evaluate your mental state before sending a text.

Now that we’ve established that text messages are energy, we need to talk about the single most important way to gauge what kind of energy you’re going to be transmitting to your crush over text.

Knowing what energetic space you’re in before sending a text to your love interest is absolutely vital.

Like I said earlier: text messages are nothing more than a form of energy.

If you’re infusing your texts to this person with positive energy, you will attract them, spark their romantic interest in you and deepen the bond between the two of you.

On the other hand, if your texts to your crush carry a negative energy, it won’t matter how witty, funny or sweet the message is: it will repel them away from you the moment they open it, 100% of the time.

Determining whether a text message carries a positive or negative energy is simple.

All you need to do is ask yourself one very important question every time you pick up your phone to text your crush: How am I feeling right now?

Only text your crush if you’re feeling:

  • Confident about yourself and your life
  • Excited to say something to the person
  • Inspired to share something with them
  • Pure, unconditional love for them
  • Any other form of positive emotion not listed here

DO NOT text your crush if you’re feeling:

  • Irritated or upset at them
  • Jealous or insecure
  • Worried about whether they like you back
  • Overthinking coming off as too desperate
  • Wondering why they haven’t contacted you in awhile
  • Low levels of self-esteem/self-confidence
  • Any other negative emotion not listed here

In other words: if you’re feeling any range of positive emotions when you get the urge to text your crush, do it.

If you’re feeling any range of negative emotions when you get the urge to text your crush, don’t do it.

It may sound simple, but it does take a lot of discipline.

There are going to be times when you see your crush liked another girl’s Instagram picture, when you notice they haven’t texted you in days or when you begin to doubt that they’re interested in you.

In these moments, you are going to be tempted to reach for your phone and text them because you’re looking for some kind of reassurance or relief from the negative emotions you’re feeling.

You will try to tell yourself you’re going to word the text message in just the right way so your crush won’t know that you’re feeling upset, angry, sad, insecure or anxious.

Remember this: energy does not lie. Even the energy we send over text messages.

You must resist the temptation to text your crush when you’re in a bad mood above all else.

The very first and most important step to make someone fall in love with you over text is to be sure you only send them a text message when you’re in a positive headspace.

P.S. This includes responding to their texts.

Just because they texted you first doesn’t give you an “energetic free pass”.

Have you ever gotten a text from your crush, responded to them right away and then not heard back from them for days?

This was most likely because you didn’t check in with your own energy before responding to their text to you so your text message repelled them rather than attracting them.

Key #3: Set a positive intention for every text message conversation.

Key #2 is mostly a safeguard to protect you against repelling your crush through text messages.

By following key #2, your crush will enjoy having text message conversations with you and will start wanting to text you more of the time.

However, there’s no guarantee they’ll start developing romantic feelings for you through text — they may just enjoy texting you in a platonic way.

In order to really make your crush fall in love with you over text, you need to not only infuse your text messages with positive energy, but also with romantic love energy.

Obviously, it would be far too time-consuming to do a full 20-minute meditation and visualization every time you text them, which is why I recommend doing this mini-visualization instead.

Text Message Remote Seduction: Mini-Visualization Technique

Step 1:

First and foremost, always check in with your own energy before texting your crush. If you’re feeling positive, move on to step 2. If not, either find a way to get into a positive mindset or don’t text them at all.

Step 2:

Once you’re sure you’re feeling positively, close your eyes and visualize yourself in a romantic relationship with your crush. Although this visualization will be short, be sure to make it as realistic as possible until you’re actually feeling strong positive love emotions toward your crush.

NOTE: Use Abraham Hicks’ 17-second rule by concentrating on this vision for at least 17 seconds [68 seconds for absolute best results]. According to Abraham Hicks, it takes 17 seconds of focused attention on something to set its manifestation into motion, and 68 seconds for it to actually start manifesting.

Step 3:

Now, visualize the conversation going absolutely perfectly. Imagine them smiling or laughing as they read your text messages, and imagine what kinds of responses you’d like to get from them.

Step 4:

Repeat steps 1-3 every time you send a text to them.

Remember that consistency is key. You may notice signs that they’re romantically interested in you within days of using this technique, or it could take weeks or even months.

Hit “Send” & Let Go

Like with any remote seduction technique, seducing someone over text message is a form of energy work that sometimes takes time to show physical results.

Although the energy between you and this person will begin shifting the moment you start using this technique, you need to have faith in the process and stay consistent over a period of time before you begin to see actual evidence of these energetic shifts.

If you constantly check your phone waiting to see how (or if) your crush will respond to the texts you send them, you will be counteracting your own positive intentions with worry and insecurity.

When you use this technique, be sure to let go after hitting “send”.

Trust in your own power and your own worthiness of love and you will always attract the exact romantic relationships you desire (and deserve) in life.


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