Manifesting love is so easy, you can do it in your sleep!

Seriously though, our sleep time is one of the most underrated manifestation tools on the planet. In this article, I’ll be sharing with you how to manifest a specific person while you sleep. This technique is so powerful you could start seeing results as soon as the first morning after using it.

By the end of reading, you’ll have everything you need to harness all the miracle-working forces of the universe in your favor to create a deep energetic “love bond” between you and the person of your dreams — all without leaving your bed.

Sleep Manifestation is the Most Underrated Law of Attraction Technique on the Planet

I rarely hear law of attraction teachers talk about how we can use our sleeping time as a manifestation tool to attract anything into our lives.

When you create a manifestation ritual around sleep using the technique I’m going to outline in this post, you will be able to manifest the person you desire at least 20X faster.

Just think about it: most law of attraction techniques only take 15-20 minutes of the day. Sleep, on the other hand, consumes an entire 8 hours of the day.

That’s 480 minutes in total we spend doing nothing, that could be used to manifest our wildest dreams!

But it’s more than just the amount of time it takes up that makes sleep a major asset when it comes to manifesting a specific person.

As we sleep, the conscious mind is completely dormant, which means the subconscious mind is wide open and at its most impressionable.

If you’ve been hanging around my blog for a while, you know that I always say: the subconscious mind is the powerhouse of manifestation.

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The subconscious mind is actually the part of the mind controlling 95% of the actions we take unconsciously, on a daily basis.

But in spite of its important role in our lives, it doesn’t ever get the kind of attention we give to the conscious mind.

The subconscious mind is truly what attracts new romance into our lives, repels the people we desire away from us and rekindles the spark between us and an ex-lover.

Whatever is going on in our subconscious mind will always play out to a tee in our relationships, whether we like it or not.

If you feel like you’ve been repelling the person you want to attract into your life, I guarantee it’s because of negative subconscious thoughts that are pushing this person away.

When we begin to change what’s going on in the subconscious mind, everything begins to shift for us at an exponential rate.

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Creating a routine around sleep is the best (and easiest) way to start using the subconscious mind to our advantage.

Manifesting Love in Your Sleep: How it Works

Manifesting love in your sleep may sound fantastical or even impossible.

But believe me, this powerful sleep manifestation technique is much more than the stuff of fairytales.

Ironically, most of us are actually using sleep to manifest in the opposite direction of what we want.

Every time you fall asleep feeling lonely, sad, or anxious, you are programming your subconscious mind into negative thought patterns overnight that are sure to manifest in your life the next day.

Replacing these negative feelings at bedtime with positive emotions will have the exact opposite effect.

Rather than causing you to repel the person you desire further away from you the next day, you will find yourself more connected to them than ever.

After using this technique for a few days, you may find yourself waking up to texts from the person you want to attract as you deepen the bond between the two of you while sleeping.

Over time, this sleep manifestation ritual is bound to tie you and this specific person together in a romantic, passionate and chemistry-filled bond.

Manifest a Specific Person While You Sleep: 3 Steps

Step #1: Set an Intention

Humans are creatures of focus.

The Universe responds to our specific desires with specific manifestations.

There are so many amazing stories out there about people who chose something incredibly specific to manifest and found themselves — even to their own surprise — manifesting it down to the last small detail of their vision.

When we set a clear, definite intention and stick to it, we are destined to manifest it eventually.

This is why the first step to manifesting a specific person in your sleep is to be extremely clear with the Universe about exactly what it is you want to manifest.

To solidify this intention (both to yourself and to the Universe), write it down on a piece of paper and sleep with it under this pillow.

You could write something like this: “My intention is to manifest a romantic relationship with [insert the name of the person here].”

The intention statement doesn’t have to be complicated — it just has to be clear.

Step #2: Repeat the Intention Every Night

A clear intention is so powerful that simply by following step #1, you have successfully set your love manifestation in motion and this specific person is on their way into your life.

However, using steps #2 and #3 is necessary for nearly everyone because most of us find it difficult to hold a clear intention without canceling out this positive intention with negative thinking.

These last 2 steps are vital to hold your intention within your mind and reprogram any negative subconscious thinking so you won’t accidentally repel the person you desire with negative thinking.

Repeat your intention statement aloud every night. As you read, imagine yourself in a full-blown romantic relationship with the person you desire.

Step #3: Meditate + Visualize

After you’ve repeated your intention statement and put the piece of paper back under your pillow, lay down and close your eyes.

To supercharge your results, uproot negative subconscious thoughts repelling this romantic relationship and magnetize your energy for this specific person, I highly recommend doing this meditation exercise while listening to my subliminal designed for remote seduction.

It even plays on an 8-hour automatic loop so you can even listen overnight while you sleep for maximum mind reprogramming.

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Deepen your breathing and clear your mind, releasing any thoughts that pop into your head. Once your mind is completely clear, begin to visualize yourself in a relationship with this specific person.

It is essential that you not only see yourself dating this person, but that you engage all the other physical senses too. Allow yourself to feel their touch, hear their voice, feel the butterflies in your stomach as they tell you they love you, etc.

The more specific and sensory-filled your visualization of this relationship is in your mind, the faster you will attract it into your life.

Wake Up & Step Into Your Dream Romance

When you awaken the morning after using this technique, do everything you can to suspend your own doubt or disbelief that it’s working.

If you check your phone right away when you wake up and get disappointed they haven’t yet texted you, these feelings of disappointment will immediately cancel out all the positive mind reprogramming you did overnight and you won’t see results.

As you wake up, reaffirm to yourself that this process is working. Have faith in the process, the law of attraction, and — most of all — yourself.

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