In fairytales, “true love’s kiss” is famous for breaking spells, lifting curses and awakening sleeping princesses from trances. If the power of love seems like nothing more than Disney nonsense, think again: love is one of the most under-utilized and effective manifestation forces in the universe.

In this post, I am going to share with you a technique you can start using today — whether you’re currently “in love” with a specific person or not — to tap into the limitless reserves of love energy in the universe and manifest with the heart. Learning how to manifest with love will propel you toward the manifestation for what you desire in life faster than any other law of attraction technique in existence.

When we learn how to tap into and harness the power of love energy in our lives, we are able to consciously direct it toward the manifestation of all our longest held and most deeply desired dreams in life.

Like Cinderella, the power of love can sweep you from a life of rags and misery into royal lifestyle fit for a queen.

Manifesting With Love is Real-Life Magic

If it seems like I may be promising too much, look no further than your own personal experience to prove the immense power of love to manifest positive changes in our lives.

Think back to a time you fell deeply, madly in love with someone.

I’m talking heart-beating-out-of-your-chest when they look at you, doodling their name all over your school notebooks, and imagining your future wedding kind of love.

The kind of love that completely consumes you to the point where you can’t even focus on anything else.

If you analyze your life around the same time period as being in love with someone this intensely, you’ll begin to notice how every area of your life started naturally improving.

Examples of how people’s lives sometimes improve when they fall in love:

  • Losing weight and/or having a “glow-up” in appearance
  • Improving all our relationships in life
  • Feeling more confident about ourselves and excited about life
  • Landing a dream job or getting a promotion at work
  • Manifesting a long-held goal or dream much more naturally
  • Feeling happier and more positive in general

The “Love Glow” = Heart Energy

During this time you probably also had people tell you that you had a “glow” about you.

This “glow” they were referring to was the opening of your heart chakra and the flow of immense waves of love energy radiating outward from your being.

What many fail to realize is that this “love glow” doesn’t just cause us to look happier or even more physically attractive — it is also one of the most powerful magnetic forces in the universe.

The magnetic force of love can be consciously created and directed to “pull” the manifestation of anything towards us with a force as strong and effortless as gravity.

And the best part? You can start tapping into and putting this love energy to work at any time.

In other words, being in the “honeymoon phase” of a budding romance causes us to harness love energy unconsciously, but we don’t actually have to be in love with anyone in order to consciously use love energy to manifest anything in our lives.

The #1 Roadblock to Manifesting With Love

Like I said, the technique I’m about to share with you is an extremely powerful and effective way to channel heart energy in order to manifest anything you want in life.

However, there is one major roadblock that prevents people from successfully manifesting with love energy.

Just as a physical barricade on the road would slow or completely stop the flow of traffic, this energetic roadblock will slow or completely stop the manifestation from happening for you — even when you use this technique 100% perfectly.

This roadblock consists of the negative thoughts and feelings you have about yourself and others.

These are sometimes known “heart chakra blockages”, and they will completely prevent you from harnessing and successfully using your own love energy to manifest what you desire.

The most common negative emotions and habits that block heart energy are:

  • Criticizing yourself or others
  • Gossiping about others
  • Negative self-talk
  • Self-deprecating humor or other negative comments about yourself
  • Seeing humankind as inherently bad or evil
  • Resenting someone from your past or present
  • Teasing or making fun of others in a hurtful way
  • Feeling jealous of others accomplishments or material possessions

These are just some of the ways in which we hold ourselves back from channeling our own love energy and manifesting our deepest desires on an everyday basis.

If you feel “stuck” on any of these negative habits and as if you are powerless to change them, then you are likely coming up against negative subconscious beliefs that are holding you back from making positive changes in your life.

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Love Energy is a Powerful Manifestation Tool

If you’re not yet using love energy to manifest in your life… you’re going to want to get on board.

Manifesting from the heart is the most powerful way to create any kind of change in our lives.

When we are able to channel this love energy with the same focus and single-mindedness that we had when we were in love with someone new, this kind of focused positive energy will manifest at least 10X faster than affirmations, visualization, or meditation exercises that haven’t been magnetized by love.

If you’ve been having trouble making traditional law of attraction techniques work for you, this may be the key you’ve been missing: you haven’t been putting enough powerful positive emotion into these practices.

Law of attraction doesn’t just bring us what we think about, it brings us what we feel.

—Specifically, what we feel the strongest and with the most intensity.

When we infuse our visualizing, affirming and meditating with love energy, that is when we start to see manifestations show up faster than ever before.

After beginning to use this powerful technique to manifest from the heart, you will find that not only are you able to manifest specific desires with ease (even things you’ve been wanting for a long time) but that your entire mindset becomes more positive and every relationship in your life transforms for the better.

#1 Technique to Manifest With Love

Tapping into your heart energy prior to or during a visualization practice can infuse your vision with a kind of indescribable power that will begin setting all the people, things and circumstances into motion to manifest that vision into physical reality.

3 Steps to Tapping into Your Heart Energy:

  1. As you meditate, begin to focus on your chest and heart center area. Imagine pure, bright light pouring in and out of this area of your body. Breathe deeply and envision each inhaled breath cleansing and opening your heart. With every exhale, imagine brighter and brighter light pouring out of your heart.
  2. Begin to imagine this radiating energy spreading throughout your entire body. You may feel a kind of warm or tingling sensation during this part of the exercise.
  3. Now, imagine all that love energy circulating your body becoming a glowing force field around you that radiates outward into the world. Imagine this force field becoming like a magnet for anything you desire in life, attracting all the perfect circumstances to manifest that desire.

Insert “Characters” into Your Visualization to Manifest With Love

Now that you’ve tapped into your own heart energy and the power of love, you can direct this energy by visualizing the thing you want to manifest into your life.

As you visualize, add “characters” to your vision that allow you to channel even more energy.

These “characters” can be specific people from your life that you love — either platonically or romantically.

Or, they could be imaginary people.

Example #1:

If you want to manifest a new car then imagine sitting in that new car with the man you love. Allow yourself to not only feel excited about the car, but to feel an outpouring of love toward the man sitting in the passenger seat.

Example #2:

If you want to build a million-dollar business, imagine celebrating your business success by popping open a bottle of champagne with friends or family members that you deeply love and adore. Imagine them telling you how excited they are for you and your business, and how proud they are of all your successes.

Example #3:

If you want to manifest a new house and you don’t have a specific “character” in mind to insert into this vision, imagine unlocking the front door to your new house with your ideal partner standing beside you and walking into the house with you.

Imagine looking into each other’s eyes and smiling as you talk about how perfect the house looks and feels. Although this ideal partner may be an imaginary person in your mind, allow yourself to immerse in all the loving, affectionate feelings you’d be experiencing if they were real.

How to Select “Characters” for Your Visualization Practice

The most important thing here is to select “characters” for your vision (real or imaginary) that make you feel pure, unconditional love.

If there’s no one specific in your life that causes you to feel this kind of love, imagine up a future fantasy lover or a group of friends you haven’t yet met.

You may be surprised to discover later in down the line that the Universe not only manifests your specific desire, but also manifests these exact relationships you made-up in your head with whom you can enjoy all your successes and achievements.

It All Begins With Self-Love

Above all else, remember this: harnessing the power of love energy must begin from within.

If you do not first cultivate a strong, unshakable inner sense of self-love, you won’t be able to receive love from others, share love with others or utilize love energy to manifest anything in your life.

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