Stop worrying and trust the timing of your life. You’re not “behind schedule” — you are perfectly on time and on track, as far as the Universe is concerned.

Limiting beliefs about time hold us back individually and as a society. Reflect on how much of your daily conversation relates to time.

How many times a day do you hear these phrases?

Too young.

Too old.

Too early.

Too late.

Our minds revolve around time. There’s not enough of it, or we’re wasting it. It’s moving too fast or too slow. We’re running out of it. We’re trying to make more of it for someone or something. We are — as a society — obsessed with clocks and calendars.

This mixed-up relationship with time is the root cause of nearly all the stress we put ourselves through on a day-to-day basis.

Feelings of anxiety arise as we obsess over how much time has passed, how much of it we have left and how many activities we can fit into it.

Dozens of bestselling self-help books are dedicated to finding new ways of cheating the clock. Yet, time’s relentless ticking seems to always find a way of winning out over our collective consciousness.

We’ve become so productive, we’ve stopped caring what we’re working towards.

Being “busy” has become an acceptable answer to “how are you?,” as if productivity is no longer a tool but a way to define our entire identity.

We’ve stopped creating goals and the goals have started creating us. We are ruled by our own schedules and to-do lists. The servant has become the master and we don’t even care that we’re slaves — we’ve forgotten what it feels like to be free.

In a sick twist of the knife, the bondage has become familiar. Comfortable, even.

Maybe in some cosmic way it reminds us that we’re alive. We tick another box, cross out another day and remember we’re still breathing.

And besides, it’s what everybody does.

Imagine the kinds of looks you’d get if you drove to work on a Monday morning with the sunroof down and music blaring, smiling your way through traffic and happily making room for anyone who wanted in your lane.

Imagine telling people you’re feeling “fantastic” instead of “fine”. Imagine someone asking you about your plans for the day and responding with: “I don’t know, whatever I feel inspired to do.

You’d stick out like a sore thumb on humanity’s hand. Some might call you “weird” or “naive” or “overly-optimistic”.

You’d also be the most powerful force imaginable on the planet.

When you tap out of the endless wrestling match with time, you tap into the magic that creates new worlds. You’re hanging out in the energy field of the Steve Jobs’, Bill Gates’ and Elon Musk’s of the planet.

It’s no longer about winning someone else’s game. You’re playing in a league of your own, on a fast-track to manifesting your wildest, most outrageous dreams.

The Universe can’t resist the happy-go-lucky spirit that says: “screw it, I’m just going to go for it.” Anything is possible for the one who has the courage to stand still in the middle of a herd barreling toward an existential cliff and start moving in a different direction.

All it requires from you is one thing: stop worrying and start trusting the timing of your life.

When you trust the timing of your life instead of forcing the timing of your life, you remove yourself from everyone else’s timeline. You release all anxiety around when or how it’s going to happen. You simply know that it will.

I’ve heard intuition described as “knowing what you don’t know”.

I’d say that’s a good working definition for faith, too.

The only cure for anxiety is this kind of faith — the kind of faith that knows what it knows and can’t be convinced otherwise.

As long as you believe you have even an inkling of control over the details of how your dream will unfold, you’re going to obsess over trying to make it happen. That obsessive energy is going to undercut the energy that creates worlds.

In other words, anxiety has a knack for pushing you right into your own way and cutting you off from the limitless reserves of perfect timing, lucky breaks, and unbelievable coincidences that could be your everyday experience.

If — and there’s only one “if” — you have the courage to let go and trust, your entire life could transform in an instant. Abraham Hicks often says: “10 seconds of alignment is equivalent to 2 years of action.”

Just think about all the ways your entire life could change in 10 seconds.

In 10 seconds, you could meet your soulmate.

In 10 seconds, you could win 100 million dollars in the lottery.

In 10 seconds, you could get an email from a record label that wants to sign you.

In 10 seconds, you could decide to be the person you know you were born on this planet to be and that single decision could change your life forever.

This is what is meant by the saying “time is an illusion.

Time exists only as a man-made measurement and it certainly doesn’t determine the conditions of our manifestations in life.

We could choose, right now, to uproot and forever clear away the limiting beliefs in our minds about time. We could live with total freedom of time and place, walking the earth as divine beings, not controlled by a clock or guided by a to-do list but led by our own soul’s intuition.

Many of our limiting beliefs about time are like weeds that have taken root in our subconscious minds. These unconscious thoughts have become so familiar to us, we are often completely unaware they even exist.

Still, these negative subconscious habits of thought manifest in our lives through feelings of fear, anxiety and uncertainty. If you’re experiencing any of these unwanted emotions, it’s very likely they are rooted in limiting beliefs revolving around time.

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It may have taken you 20 years, 30 years, 50 years or even 70 years to create the life you have today.

A poignant truth about life is that it doesn’t have to take as long to get where you want to go as it took to get where you are.

Every moment presents a choice: step forward into a brand new reality or shrink back into the familiar and mundane.

In this very moment, you could step into a completely new reality — one that will be infinitely more fulfilling for the very simple and profound reason that you created it for yourself.

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