In this post, I’ll be sharing 5 super weird signs someone is thinking of you. These are strange things that may start happening if you’ve been on someone’s mind, especially if they’ve been thinking about you with a lot of emotional intensity.

Why can you feel it when someone thinks about you?

We are all energetically connected on this planet.

99.999% of these connections are felt mostly unconsciously. These are the complete strangers, those we’ve never met and even those we’ve never seen. However, through this giant web of humanity, we are connected even to those we may never speak to in our lifetime.

Other connections are felt more intimately. These are the energetic bonds we share with our parents, siblings, friends, teachers, peers and even fellow community members.

Although these dear ones may be close or far in the physical world, at any given moment we are able to tap into their energy and sense them on the ethereal plane.

This is why we are so often able to experience strange phenomena such as telepathy with those we love most. We are so bonded to these people emotionally, mentally and even physically that we are — in a sense — sharing some of their physical experiences in “flashes”.

What most people don’t realize is that these “flashes” are not random coincidences but literal signs from the Universe that this person we care about is thinking of us and feeling some type of strong emotion about us.

Even stranger and lesser known is the fact that we not only can receive these feelings and insights from family members and close friends, but from anyone in the Universe — even complete strangers.

You Can Receive These Signs From Anyone

Everyone from the cashier you met at the grocery store to the ex you haven’t spoken to in decades has the ability to radiate a powerful signal of thoughts and emotions towards you (usually unconsciously) that you will hear and interpret in the form of strange signs that they are thinking of you.

This means that when you learn to recognize and interpret these signs consciously, you will have the power to acknowledge to yourself that you’re on this person’s mind and act accordingly upon this information.

The Power of Knowing When Someone is Thinking of You

The next time you receive one of these signs you may be inspired to call a family member, only to hear them say: “I was just missing you and wanting to talk to you!”.

You may find the confidence to reach out to an old friend, only to discover they also wanted to reach out to you but didn’t know how.

You may reach within yourself to find the courage to approach the handsome man/woman you can’t stop thinking about, only to learn they’ve been wanting to ask you out but were too afraid.

This is what is possible for us when we begin to embrace our natural empathic abilities and learn how to act upon our intuitive hits from the Universe.

Strange Signs Someone is Thinking of You

1. You Smell Them.

I had to put this sign first because lately, so many comments on my YouTube podcast channel have been related to this one specific sign — we must be all experiencing this!

One strange sign that someone is thinking of you is that you will be able to smell them. This could be anything you would smell if you were in the room with them at that moment, like their perfume, cologne, or cigarette smoke (if they’re a smoker).

If they’re at a bonfire, you may even be able to smell the scent of the fire and it might be so strong that it could worry you for a moment that there’s a fire in your own home.

2. You See Their Name. Everywhere.

When we are energetically connecting with someone through their persistent thoughts about us, signs of this person will start showing up everywhere we go.

One major sign someone is thinking of you is if you start seeing their name. All. The. Time.

Anymore, it feels like so many people you meet either have their same name or start talking about someone with their name. Every television show suddenly has their name in it, and every billboard you drive by has their name on it.

Don’t take this seeming coincidence for granted! It may not be a coincidence at all, but a sign that you’ve been on this person’s mind.

3. You Keep Getting the Urge to Text/Call Them.

Ah, yes. How strange the law of attraction is that when someone is thinking about us and wanting to text us, we will actually start getting the urge to text/call them — and we may even mistakenly believe it was our own idea!

This is especially dangerous when your ex-lover is thinking of you so much and wanting to reach out, that you start getting the feeling like you should pick up the phone and call them yourself.

It can be so confusing to receive this sign, especially when you have no lingering feelings for this person or have no desire to contact them whatsoever.

4. You “Feel” Their Emotions.

Speaking of signs that mess with your head… did you know that when someone is thinking a lot about you with a lot of feeling, you can actually start feeling what this person is feeling about you?

That may seem like a mind-twister, but here me out.

When a person is thinking and feeling strong emotion toward you, this is transmitted to you across the distance in the form of energy. Your subconscious mind receives and translates this energy, but — not realizing it’s coming from someone else — your brain assumes that the thoughts and feelings about them are your own.

This is what you’ve experienced if you ever start feeling physical attraction to someone out of the blue that you literally have never felt attracted to, and that possibly you don’t even like.

This is also the case when you feel really excited about an idea (like a business idea) but then share it with someone and immediately start feeling anxious or doubtful about the idea.

It’s not that your idea is any less brilliant, but that you have now energetically bonded with the person who isn’t as excited about your idea and therefore you’ve started taking on their doubtful feelings about it.

5. You Hear Other People Talking About Them. A Lot.

A funny thing that happens when someone is thinking about you a lot is that they start showing up more and more in your reality… even if they aren’t there physically. Even if they aren’t in the same city or country as you!

When someone is thinking of you, you may start to hear mutual friends, family and anyone else that knows them starting to ask about them or talk about them all the time.

If no one around you knows this person, they might still find a way to show up in your reality as you hear people saying their first name, city, or talking about something that inevitably reminds you about them (like their favorite restaurant or sports team).

What to Do if Someone is Thinking of You

If the signs check out and you now know someone is thinking about you, you can now act accordingly on that information.

Remember that although others thoughts and feelings about us can be felt by us and affect us, they don’t need to affect us.

If you find this person’s thoughts or feelings about you intrusive, consider grounding your energy with my 7 chakra clearing subliminal designed for those who are sensitive to energy coming from others (AKA empaths or “highly sensitive people”).

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If you have a crush on this person, you’re probably thrilled to hear that you’re on their mind all the time!

In this case, you have one of two options:

Option 1: You could simply bask in the knowledge that this person is thinking about you as much as you’re thinking about them.

Option 2: You could choose to consciously deepen this energetic connection with them by radiating a powerful signal back to them that they will feel in the form of intensified thoughts and feelings about you.

If you’re interested in option 2, check out my subliminal designed for remote seduction (AKA consciously creating a romantic spark with another person using the law of attraction).

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Remember that at the end of the day, you are the only one consciously creating your life, relationships and every other experience imaginable on this planet.

You have the power to design your life to order, regardless of what anyone else may be thinking or feeling about you or your dreams. Learning to recognize what energy is “ours” and what energy is coming from “others” is such a key part to awakening to our own limitless power and potential – kudos to you for taking this step by reading this post.

If you’d like more information on one of the specific signs mentioned in this post (smelling someone that’s not there), be sure to check out my podcast video below for a more detailed explanation of why we experience this sign. In this video, I also dive into what this person is feeling about you while they’re thinking of you, so it’s definitely worth tuning in for!

Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful space with me here on my website. If I resonated with you, I hope you’ll consider following me on my Instagram & YouTube channel linked in the buttons at the bottom of this page.


– Infinity ∞

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    Hey, I recently came across your channel and I love your content. I have a question. I recently just got in separation with my twin and suddenly I feel a lot of sexual feelings towards him when he comes to mine. I feel like it coming from him but I’m not sure. Can you explain why this happens? Thank you.

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