There is a clear law of attraction explanation for the common phenomenon of the “Friend Zone”. Understanding this law of attraction reason for the Friend Zone will also give you the key to getting out of it and manifesting the relationship of you dreams.

To illustrate how the law of attraction may be keeping you stuck in the limbo between “just friends” and “something more”, let’s begin with a typical Friend Zone scenario.

Example: The Law of Attraction & the Friend Zone

Let’s say a woman has a crush on a man.

Her feelings for him are so strong, she is radiating a powerful signal of love toward him that is energetically pulling him toward her like a magnet.

The woman in this example — like each of us — has total creative power over her love relationships and is consciously or unconsciously using the law of attraction to manifest this romantic relationship with the man she loves.

However, let’s say she doesn’t know about the law of attraction.

So, instead of radiating a pure signal of love toward this man, she counteracts her own positive, attracting energy with negative thoughts of self-doubt, worry and fear that he isn’t in love with her.

Why he wants to keep her around as a “friend” but won’t commit:

Because she is radiating so much love and positive energy to this man through her daydreams about him, he is being pulled toward her like a magnet.

He senses the love energy she is radiating to him and it’s so intoxicating and magnetic to him that he desperately wants her around.

But, because she still has so much negative thinking that is counteracting her positive vibrations with negative ones, he also senses this negative energy and starts to feel confused about his feelings for her.

The result?

Now, he wants her around but he doesn’t want to commit. He tells her he wants to be “just friends” or “friends-with-benefits” or that he just “can’t be in a relationship right now”.

After getting rejected like this by the man she loves, the woman in our example becomes even more negative in her thinking which repels a romantic relationship with this man to an even greater degree.

This is Why They “String You Along”

Have you ever noticed that when someone you’re in love with puts you in the Friend Zone, throughout your friendship there’s a glimmer of hope every so often that gets you excited — just for a second — that they might want more than friendship?

Maybe the person you love tells you they’re starting to have feelings for you, says they find you attractive or even suggests going on a date.

As the relationship begins to tread into “more than friends” territory, your initial excitement again gets clouded by doubt, fear and insecurity.

As quickly as their budding romantic feelings for you appeared, they vanish and you’re stuck in Friend Zone purgatory all over again.

You might call them “flaky” or “unwilling to commit” but the truth is they’re neither of those things.

Like everything and everyone in the universe, the person you love is simply responding to your thoughts and feelings about them. 

Just as easily as they’re giving you friendship, they could be sweeping you off your feet and into a whirlwind romance of rose petals and picnics.

What do you need to do to escape the Friend Zone?

Let’s return to the woman in our previous example.

The answer is simple: she needs to continue thinking positive thoughts about this man, herself and their relationship together while eliminating the negative thoughts that are repelling him.

Of course, this is easier said than done.

Much of the negative energy that is pushing this man away has nothing to do with him at all. Her thoughts of low self-confidence, unworthiness and inability to give and receive love all play into the vibration that is ultimately repelling the relationship she wants most.

We get what we believe we deserve in our relationships, not what we want

If the woman in our illustration does not believe she is deserving of love from this man, then he cannot give it to her. It would be a violation of the law of attraction.

If she wants to change what she attracts out of him, she must put in the inner work to change herself.

As soon as this woman clears up her negative thoughts and feelings about this man and her relationship with him, a “switch” will flip like magic in his brain and he’ll suddenly desperately want a committed romantic relationship with her instead of just friendship. It may look like magic, but it isn’t — it’s law.

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If you think only a miracle could get you out of the Friend Zone…

If you think it would take nothing short of a miracle to get you out of the Friend Zone with the person you want to date, I have good news: there is no shortage of miracles in the universe when you have faith and an understanding of how the law of attraction attracts and repels all the romantic encounters in our lives.

The key I’m about to share with you will help you to harness all these miracle-working powers by teaching you practical ideas you can apply in order to shift your thoughts, alter your energy, attract the person you desire and get out of the Friend Zone for good.

Consider this the key to the “exit door” out of the Friend Zone and into the relationship of your dreams.

How to Get Out of the “Friend Zone” With the Law of Attraction

We each have a unique energetic frequency. In every moment, this energy is working like a magnet, pulling to us the interactions, conversations and experiences we have throughout the day.

Our energetic frequency is created by: the thoughts we think, the images we visualize, the words we say, and the emotions we feel. 

If you are in the Friend Zone, it means you have opposing frequencies going on related to love, relationships and the specific person you want to attract.

It would be impossible for all your energy about these things to be negative because — if it was — you wouldn’t have been able to attract even friendship with this person.

If you are in the friend zone, you have 2 opposing frequencies in your energy:

1. A deep love and appreciation for this person and positive thoughts and daydreams about wanting a relationship with them, and:

2. Negative thoughts about this person, your relationship with them and your worthiness of love.

These frequencies are equally powerful but since they are working in opposite directions, they are canceling each other out.

This is why the only thing you need to do in order to get out of the Friend Zone is eliminate the negative energy.

Once you take your negative thoughts and feelings out of the equation, you re-magnetize your energy for a committed relationship with this person.

Since you likely have been interested in them romantically for a long time, you have a lot of powerful positive energy that has built so much momentum, you could manifest a relationship with them very quickly after doing this inner energy work.

Daily Rituals to Eliminate Negative Thoughts + Feelings and Escape the Friend Zone:

  • Repeat positive self-love and self-confidence affirmations aloud
  • Meditate and visualize your ideal relationship with this person
  • Focus on personal goals & dreams to build your inner confidence and self-worth
  • Make lists of things you love about yourself & the person you want to attract
  • Listen to subliminal affirmations tracks related to love, worthiness and relationships

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See Yourself as “Relationship Material”

The way we see ourselves is the image we project outward to everyone we meet.

If you see yourself as worthy of a relationship with the person you desire, you will attract that relationship from them. Period.

So often we devalue ourselves by doubting our own worthiness of the love relationships we want most in life.

We settle for less than we deserve because we aren’t yet aware of our deservingness of everything we could possibly desire, including the most fulfilling, passionate and magical romances imaginable.

I invite you to look at yourself in the mirror and say: “I love you.” Allow yourself to immerse in your own love and the rest — including this relationship — will fall into place.

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