The law of attraction is the ultimate “match-maker” of the universe. If you’re not familiar with this all-powerful universal law, it goes like this: whatever we think, feel and believe will show up in our lives.

When someone is romantically interested in you, law of attraction signs they like you will show up in your everyday life and reveal this person’s true feelings and intentions toward you even if their words say otherwise.

We Manifest All Our Romantic Relationships

Every relationship in your life was created because you and the person you dated — consciously or unconsciously — attracted one another and manifested a relationship together.

When we feel attracted to someone on a physical, mental or emotional level what it really means is that we are sensing an energetic bond that is being created between us and another person and pulling us together like magnets.

Let’s call this “energetic romantic chemistry”.

Usually, this law of attraction love spark is set off by one person early on in the relationship.

Whether they realize it or not, this person “manifests someone” into a relationship with them through the daydreams, fantasies, and powerful love emotions they radiate toward their crush.

Did your ex manifest you?

Scenario #1: You manifested them.

You may be able to reflect on your past relationships and notice that in some relationships, you were the one who manifested your partner.

You may recall daydreaming about them, doodling their name and imagining your future wedding years before they even noticed your existence.

Scenario #2: They manifested you.

Some of your other relationships may reveal how effectively others can manifest relationships with us, even when we feel no initial attraction to them whatsoever.

You can be sure one of your past lovers manifested you if they started out as “just a friend”, or if you never saw them in a romantic light whatsoever until one day some switch just flipped and you desperately wanted to date them.

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Scenario #3: You both manifested each other.

In some cases it can be a bit of a “chicken-or-the-egg” scenario. It can be difficult to pinpoint exactly who manifested who once the energetic bond is formed and in the process of deepening.

Like a game of hot potato, the love energies get tossed back and forth.

One person senses love from the other, which causes them to feel more love for them in return, which then causes the other person to feel even more love — and on and on it goes.

Someone Manifesting You May Appear Disinterested

In the early stages of meeting, flirting or getting to know a new person, there are usually clear law of attraction signs and signals that betray how this person really feels about you in spite of their outer demeanor.

If the person you’re talking to seems aloof or disinterested, this does not necessarily mean they don’t have romantic feelings for you.

Our words and actions can hide our true intentions, but energy never lies.

To truly gauge how this person feels about you and whether they like you as more than a friend, you must learn to read the energy surrounding them and the circumstances of your interactions together.

These law of attraction love signs will reveal the truth to you about this person and their feelings.

Maybe you’ve been actively trying to manifest a relationship with this person, but after reading this article you may be surprised to discover that your crush has been the one manifesting you.

Law of Attraction Signs They Like You

#1: Eye Contact With a “Pull”

It’s obvious that when your crush frequently looks at you or stares at you, it could mean they’re checking you out and therefore have some kind of romantic interest in you.

What most people don’t know is that there are different types of eye contact that carry different types of energy.

When someone likes you in a romantic way, the law of attraction will be creating a kind of magnetic “pull” energy between you and them that causes eye contact to feel a certain way.

This type of eye contact is much different from the glossy-eyed gaze of someone daydreaming or bored.

When someone likes you, the law of attraction working between the two of you will cause you to feel an energetic pull toward this person.

The “Eye Contact Pull”: Physical Sensations vs. Energetic Feelings

Some people experience this pulling sensation as a literal, physical feeling in their body that causes them to want to be closer to the person without knowing why.

Others experience it as a feeling in the heart-center or chest area on the body, as they feel as if their heart is being tugged toward the other person.

This strange magnetic/pulling feeling can happen even if you don’t share mutual romantic feelings with this person.

It can be confusing to experience, because often when someone is manifesting us we can feel inexplicably drawn toward them and want to be around them even though we know we aren’t attracted to them.

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#2: Running Into Them Everywhere

If your crush seems to be showing up everywhere you go, there are law of attraction forces at play causing this to happen.

There are no coincidences in the universe.

Everyone we meet or encounter — even the smallest interactions — we have attracted into our lives through our thoughts.

When we think about another person all the time, what we are doing is magnetizing our own energy for this person.

As our thoughts and feelings about them grow stronger and our energy becomes more magnetic to them, we will naturally find ourselves meeting them in the most unexpected of places.

Love + Desire for a Specific Person = a Strong Magnetic Attraction

This can happen in a platonic or romantic way, but when romance is involved the magnetic power is increased at least 10X over.

Love and passion are some of the strongest emotions on the planet, and when we couple these emotions with a pure desire for a specific person we become like an irresistible magnet to this person.

If someone is manifesting a relationship with you (knowingly or unknowingly), their energy has been magnetized to yours which will cause them to show up more and more in your everyday life even if they aren’t calling and texting you.

You may run into them at the grocery store, walk by them on the street or even run into them in another state or country.

The Universe knows no bounds when it comes to attracting others to us through the power of the mind — it will begin bringing you into this person’s life in any way imaginable.

Example: Manifesting a Cruise With Her Crush

I heard a story of someone who accidentally manifested a vacation in another part of the country with her crush.

The girl was only in middle school and had a major crush on a guy in some of her classes. They had never spoken but she daydreamed and thought about him often.

Over spring break, the girl and her family went on a cruise.

And guess what? — her crush’s family had booked the exact same cruise, with the exact same cruise line and on the exact same week.

This could not have been coincidence.

The odds were astronomically low that she would see any of her classmates on this cruise, let alone the classmate she’d had a crush on for years.

There are thousands upon thousands of similar stories out there — maybe you even have some of your own.

Did you ever run into someone completely random in the most unexpected of places, only to later discover they had a crush on you the whole time?

#3: Constantly Seeing Things That Remind You of Them

Sometimes, the Universe sends us literal “signs” that are like road signs: right in our face and pretty obvious.

Still, many people chalk these signs up to pure coincidence, so it’s worth noting them here.

When a person begins to manifest you by thinking about you and radiating emotions of love toward you, this can cause you to not only run into them in a physical sense but in a symbolic sense, too.

These signs could be as innocuous as seeing their first name or the name of their hometown everywhere.

If they live in a different state, you might start seeing license plates for that state every time you drive.

If you have mutual friends, you will notice these friends bringing them up and talking about this person to you much more frequently than they ever did in the past.

Trust Your Intuition Over Your Reason

If you’re experiencing any of these things and then thinking to yourself: “well, maybe I’m just overthinking it” — you’re probably not.

Those thoughts of doubt are probably just your reasoning mind trying to make sense of something only your intuition knows: this person likes you and is manifesting you into their life.

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