Twin flame karmic relationships can be one of the greatest struggles within the twin flame connection. Whether the “karmic” is someone you or your twin flame knew prior to meeting in the physical, or someone that just seems to come back over and over again, these 3rd party romantic relationships can be difficult to understand and even more difficult to cope with.

In this post, I will be sharing everything you need to know about what karmic relationships are, why we attract them as twin flames and how to release ourselves from karmic contracts once and for all.

Where it all begins…

Twin flames do not meet when they are ready, but when it is time.

Our twin flame swoops into our physical reality like a bolt of lightning striking the Earth. Intense, earth-shattering, exhilarating and terrifying — all at once. On some level, it’s as though our soul awakens ever so slightly from its lifelong amnesia only to say: yes, that’s the one.

Everything about the twin flame path is predestined. Soul-destined. Meaning, our souls chose this — this person, this time, this place, these circumstances of meeting — all of it. However, this naturally begs the question: if twin flames “plan out” all aspects of their meeting here on this physical Earth, why would they choose to experience certain circumstances that make their 3D connection seem entirely unlikely, if not impossible?

[When I say “entirely unlikely” and “impossible”, of course I’m speaking from a physical, 3D perspective and not from what our soul knows to be true. When it comes to twin flames, the only truth our soul knows is connectedness and unconditional love.]

Sometimes, twin flames meet when they are otherwise romantically committed or obligated. In other cases, over the course of twin flames physically connecting in this lifetime, it can seem that “3rd parties” are attracted to their beautiful love connection like moths swarming a flame.

Romantic partners that either pre-exist the twin flame physical meeting [in this particular lifetime only, of course] or who come along later on down the line and appear to “break up” or “interfere” with the physical component of the twin flame connection are often referred to as karmic relationships.

Karmic partners [otherwise referred to shorthand as “karmics”] are a buzzword in the twin flame community. But what are they really?

Twin Flames: Our Karmic Relationships Defined

People of all places, backgrounds and belief systems have varying ideas about the word karma. Some believe we carry karmic debt forward from previous lifetimes that we must repay through certain circumstances and interactions in this lifetime.

The problem with the very word “karma” is that it’s been so emotionally charged through the centuries to be synonymous with the word “punishment”. Rather than seeing planet Earth as the soul’s classroom, karma is a lens through which we begin to see Earth as its own form of hell — a place in which souls come to punish themselves for mistakes of a previous life through being forced into negative relationships and interactions that cause them pain.

Karma in this traditional sense seems to rob us of all freewill and therefore robs us the locus of control to change, grow and evolve. It fills us with a sense of hopelessness — “I must let this painful scenario play out with this person because it’s simply my karma. I have no control over who I attract into my life or my twin flame connection.”

I’d like to present a new definition of karmic relationships; one that returns to us our rightful power as beautiful, ever-expanding and ever-evolving souls here to accelerate our growth even further through experiencing the twin flame path:

Karmic relationships are physical representations of unhealed patterns, energetic wounds and limiting belief systems within ourselves. These “karmic partners” manifest into our life [or our twin flame’s life] for the purpose of spotlighting something in need of healing or shifting.

Karmic partners enter our lives for the purpose of teaching us a lesson.

When we talk about “karmic contracts”, we’re referring to the soul-level agreements created between ourselves and other souls prior to incarnating on this planet. Within these so-called karmic contracts, we agree to experience a connection of some kind with a certain purpose in order to heal something within ourselves, and through that healing process to expand.

But what about twin flames and karmics?

Why Twin Flames Attract Karmic Relationships

Just like we attract karmic relationships on an individual level in order to spotlight certain wounds and heal them + evolve spiritually at a more accelerated rate, twin flames may attract karmic partners into their connection.

Whether these karmic partners are 3rd party romantic connections met prior to the twin flame physical meeting, or whether they are attracted over the course of the physical connection, in every case these karmics are divinely timed and orchestrated to bring light to something within the connection that must be healed in order for the twin flames to reach physical reunion.

In a sense, these karmic partners unconsciously assist us in “clearing the way” energetically with our twin flame by transcending outdated patterns, belief systems and energy blocks that are preventing the creation of a stable foundation of a future with our twin in the 3D.

Here are some examples of twin flame karmic relationships:

Examples of Twin Flame Karmic Relationships

1. The Karmic Ex

One of the most common forms of karmic relationships are ex-lovers. In these cases, the twin flame has usually seen through the truth of this situation and has become intuitive enough to realize this person is not their soulmate, but in some cases they may continue to communicate from time to time.

Whenever a twin flame “goes back” to an ex karmic, what is happening energetically is they are still returning back to unhealed wounds or patterns within themselves that are still causing feelings of “attraction” at times to this ex-partner.

2. The Karmic “Before” The Twin

This is the karmic that one twin flame meets prior to meeting their twin flame in the physical world. Very often, meeting their twin flame in the physical is enough to “shake up” this karmic relationship or even end it altogether.

In other cases it may take longer for the twin flame to come to terms with the harsh reality of fully ending this karmic connection, which often comes with a lot of obligations, feelings or responsibility and other implications they may not be ready to handle.

3. The Karmic That Keeps Coming Back

If it feels like a karmic partner keeps coming back into you or your twin flame’s life, this is a physical representation of an unhealed pattern or wound within you / your twin that is causing this continuous attraction back to this person or romantic situation.

4. The Karmic That “Messes Up” the Connection

Very often, our physical human self [especially when ego is triggered] will look at a karmic situation and point fingers, stating that so-and-so has “messed up” or “ruined” the twin flame connection. This is a natural response because it is coming from a space of primal fear of emotional abandonment within the romantic connection.

How to End Karmic Contracts in Twin Flame Connections

Ending karmic contracts that appear to be “interfering” with your twin flame connection must begin with seeing them in a different light.

We must release our ego’s need to control and possess within romantic relationships by reminding ourselves that unconditional love between twin flames simply is — it does not need to control, manipulate, or change the other person.

In this case, we must let go of our feelings of control around when and how the karmic contract will end, and shift our focus to healing the dynamic that attracted it in the first place.

If it is you feeling continuously attracted back to a karmic, ask yourself this: What about this person is drawing me in to this relationship? What am I seeking from this person or relationship that I am not finding from within?

If it is your twin flame who seems stuck in a karmic relationship, remind yourself that this person is in their life to contribute to their soul growth and evolution, which in turn will assist in healing your twin flame bond.

Shift your attention to healing any blocks to unconditional love you may be carrying within yourself, and over time you will find that shifting from external fixation [focusing on your twin flame’s karmic relationship] to internal reflection [focusing on how to continue healing and growing individually] will result in a powerful shift in your twin flame connection as well.

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