Twin flames share a powerful eye connection that transcends all time, space and physical/emotional boundaries. When twin flames first look into one another’s eyes, they reawaken the connection between them, that — although it may have gone unnoticed for years or even decades — has always existed.

Because of the profound nature of this first meeting, there are several identifiable twin flame eye signs you can use to uncover the truth of your twin flame connection in a single glance. There is even a very specific sign I like to call the “twin flame eye test” that you can use as a litmus test to determine the validity of your twin flame connection.

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Why Twin Flame Eye Contact is So Powerful

Before you came to this planet, you made a promise to your twin flame: “I will know you when I see you.”

Twin flames always plan the details of their meeting and circumstances right down to the specifics. You chose your families, geographical locations, unique childhood challenges, and — of course — the way in which you would reunite.

Because of the divine hand in these fated meetings, twin flames often feel upon meeting that there is something mystical about it all.

Nothing about a twin flame meeting is more shocking or hard-to-miss than the deep feeling of connection felt only when looking into one each other’s eyes.

You can use the following twin flame eye contact signs as a guide to help you determine whether or not the person you have in mind is your true twin flame.

Twin Flame Eye Contact Signs

1. Familiarity

If you meet someone that has you saying “I just know you from somewhere” over and over again, there’s a chance this person could be your twin flame.

Twin flames incarnate in lifetime after lifetime together.

Although they are born into different circumstances, physical locations, social classes and even sometimes switch genders, in every lifetime the connection between them grows stronger.

Although the memories of these past lives will likely be unavailable you, you will still feel flooded with familiarity when you meet your twin flame because your soul knows that the bond between you is very ancient.

This sense of familiarity will be at its strongest when you look into the eyes of your twin flame.

Sometimes, twin flames even choose to reincarnate with the same eyes they had in a previous lifetime as a way to drop a “clue” to their beloved about the history of their love for one another.

2. You Will Feel “At Home” in Their Gaze

When twin flames look at one another, they become swept up into an energetic space that exists only between the two of them.

This is why twin flames can quite literally feel “lost” in each other’s eyes and become completely oblivious to the external world reality.

They aren’t actually “lost” at all, but rather the opposite — they are finding home for the first time.

Twin flames are usually old souls and because of the multiplicity of lifetimes they have lived, life itself becomes boring, mundane or even depressing.

Many twin flames have lived glamorous past lives as important political figures or royalty, and some have even lived on other planets.

In contrast, the drudgery and meaningless conversations they are met with in a usual modern day-to-day life are quite uninteresting and even strange to them.

Twin flames often feel completely displaced in their families, societies, or cultures because they did not come to fit into them — they came to transmute and transform them.

However, the monotony of their daily life is turned completely upside-down when they first look at one another. For the first time, they will feel truly seen and understood by another human being on this planet.

They will no longer feel the need to translate their ancient soul into layman’s terms for the people around them; they will simply be understood exactly as they are.

As a result, twin flames often report a deep sense of “home” when looking at one another. If you have been living in a new or strange place, being locked in your twin flame’s gaze will feel equivalent to a warm embrace from a friend or a family member you’ve known your entire lifetime.

3. They’re Watching You Even When They Aren’t Looking At You

Twin flame eye contact is so intense and groundbreaking that twin flames are often unable to tear away from the other’s glance.

If they are able to look away, they find themselves still completely focused on their twin flame even when they aren’t looking directly at them.

If you aren’t making eye contact with this person but you still feel as if they’re watching your every move in the periphery of your vision, you might be encountering your twin flame.

If you and your twin flame are in a physical space together, it will be impossible to entirely take your focus off one another even in the busiest of places.

Whether it’s a busy train station, a corporate office building, or across a crowded street, the eye connection between twin flames has such a magnetic pull to it that the attention of a twin flame will always be drawn to the other with an irresistible kind of force.

The Twin Flame Eye Test: Uncover the Truth of Your Connection

If you’re still unsure whether the person you’ve met is truly your twin flame, this twin flame eye test will help you uncover the truth of your connection once and for all.

Although many of the twin flame eye signs can be experienced by all types of soul connections, this twin flame eye test is unique to twin flame connections only. No soulmate, karmic connection or any other type of soul connection could pass this test successfully.

To test whether this person is your twin flame, find an opportunity to look deeply into their eyes. Do this at a time when it feels natural and normal, such as in the middle of a conversation with them.

If you are looking into the eyes of a true twin flame, you will experience all of the following:

  • You will feel as if they are peering into your very soul. You will feel your guard completely dropping any time you are locked in eye contact with your twin flame. As you talk to them while holding eye contact, you will feel like the most authentic, truest version of yourself and you will find it immensely difficult to be otherwise.
  • You will be able to read their every thought and emotion. Even in your very first conversation with your twin flame, you will be able to perfectly read them when looking into their eyes. If you are an empath and able to read others easily as well, you will find your empathic abilities magnified at least 100 times over with a twin flame.
  • You will see yourself in them, like a mirror. As you look at them, you will not only be able to clearly feel and understand one another at every level of your being, but you will also see much of your own self in the other. Although your physical appearances may be very different, you will truly feel as if your soul essence is the same when looking into their eyes.
  • You will feel completely comfortable and at peace in their gaze. You will never feel uncomfortable, anxious or inauthentic when looking into the eyes of your twin flame. The eye connection between twin flames is so soothing that many twin flames report being able to resolve arguments simply by looking directly at one another.

Although many types of soul connections can have a few of these signs, the true twin flame eye test is to see if you share all the above signs with your person.

What did you discover? Did you encounter your twin flame, or are you dealing with a false twin flame connection? Let me know in the comments below.

Much Love,

Infinity ∞

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