What does it mean when you dream of someone?

To some, it’s just pure coincidence.

However, I’ve seen case after case where someone has dreamt of a specific person only to get an important message or communication from that person.

This leads me to believe that if you’re dreaming about the same person often, it has a much deeper meaning for you and your relationship with this person.

Have you been dreaming frequently about a specific person?

Don’t be so quick to write off these dreams as coincidence.

When you dream of someone over and over again, it can be a psychic sign about that particular person that you don’t want to miss.

In this post, I’m going to be sharing with you several possible reasons you’re dreaming about a specific person and how to know which type of dream you’re having.

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1. The Person You’re Dreaming About is in Love With You

Sometimes when you dream of someone frequently, it can be a sign that person has strong romantic feelings about you.

When we feel strong emotions about another person, those emotions are translated to an energetic frequency that is radiated outward and into all the Universe.

Because we are all energetically connected on this planet, the recipient of these emotions can sense the “love vibrations” and the subconscious mind will interpret them by making you dream about this person.

If the person you’re dreaming about is in love with you, you’ll notice that in the dreams you have some type of emotional bond or connection you don’t have in real life.

You will also notice yourself dreaming about this person even if you’ve hardly spoken to them in the past or barely know them.

If this person is more shy in nature, they may not actually approach you in the dream. You may be having a dream and notice them hanging out in the background of your dreams.

For example, if you’re dreaming about being at a restaurant you may notice this person sitting at another table just watching you but never speaking to you.

If the person you’re dreaming about is more confident, they may approach you or even make some type of romantic move on you. They may even go so far as to express their feelings for you in the dream.

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If you don’t reciprocate this person’s feelings and you want to stop dreaming about them, all you need to do is ask the Universe to no longer allow this person to visit you in dreams.

Remember that although we can receive signs and communication from others through dreams, we are always divinely protected and should never tolerate dream encounters we don’t want to continue having.

2. The Person You’re Dreaming of Needs to Tell You Something

If the dreams don’t feel romantic in nature, it could simply be that the person you’re dreaming about has an important message for you.

In most cases, this will be a dream in which a person is literally saying the message to you verbatim within the dream.

You can usually take these “dream messages” at face value because they tend to be pretty straightforward.

Of course, this dream message could also just be your subconscious mind’s way of helping you work through something emotionally and might not have anything to do with the person at all.

You should never really on dream messages 100% until the person tells you the message themselves in real life.

3. There’s Something Unresolved Between You and the Person You’re Dreaming of

Sometimes, our “higher self” uses dream experiences to resolve conflicts or unresolved feelings between us and another person.

Your interactions with the person in these dreams may range from being angry to being deeply sad and regretful and everything in between.

These dreams come in all forms, from dreams about an ex-lover that we have unresolved feelings about to dreams about a friend we had a falling out with.

Whatever the case, dreams with unresolved feelings are usually highly emotional.

The emotions can be sad, passionate, angry or fearful but they are typically amplified within the dream.

Look at these dreams as a way for yourself and this person to heal and move past whatever was once unresolved between the two of you.

4. You Have Subconscious Feelings About the Person You’re Dreaming About

While dreams can sometimes be subconscious messages coming from another person, they can just as easily be messages coming from our own intuition.

I call these intuitive feelings “subconscious feelings” because if you were conscious about them, you probably wouldn’t be wondering why you’re dreaming about this person.

Your intuition may be trying to tell you that someone is untrustworthy, that you are hiding your feelings for a certain person or that you’re missing a friend or an ex.

In some cases, this intuition is worth following through just to see where it leads.

Is there someone in your life you need to express something to? Your higher self may be trying to tell you that you’ll regret not communicating that message to this person.

5. The Person You’re Dreaming About Wants to Contact You

Whether their feelings are platonic or romantic towards you, the person you’re dreaming of may want to have you in their life but be unsure about how to reach out.

This is especially true in cases where you don’t often think about the person you’re dreaming of, or they’re a complete stranger to you.

Sometimes when we have frequent dreams about someone we barely know, it’s a sign that they have their eye on us and think about us a lot.

Maybe you’ve been dreaming about a friend you lost touch with and your dream about them is a sign they want to reconnect and start being friends again.

You Always Have Final Say Over Your Dreams

Remember that although we can receive powerful signs and messages through our dreams, our dreams are meant to be a deeply personal healing time for our mind, body and soul.

If the dreams you’re having about this person feel disruptive or leave you feeling anxious, you can prevent yourself from dreaming about them by simply asking the Universe to no longer dream of them.

Our intentions are a powerful force and simply setting this positive intention for different dreams will help you manifest better dream experiences in your life.

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