Have you ever found yourself dreaming of the same person over and over again? This may not be a coincidence, but some kind of a psychic message sent through the ethers from this person. What does it mean when you dream of someone?

Dreaming is one of the most commonplace and underestimated forms of magic in the Universe.

Sleeping Bodies & Waking Souls

As we dream, our bodies and are healing and rejuvenating while our souls remain wide awake.

Because our souls are so open and impressionable as the body sleeps, we are often able to receive messages from the Universe, our spirit guides, our ancestors and even other people on the planet.

Dreams can carry many different meanings and interpretations which is why they’re often so difficult to interpret.

When we dream about a specific person, however, it usually carries some type of a special and significant meaning.

When you wake up from a dream about someone and you’re wondering what it means, there is one very important question you must ask yourself first: have I been thinking about this person a lot while I’m awake?

Have you been thinking about the person in your dreams?

This question is so important because in order to find out the meaning behind this dream, we must first rule out an obvious solution: you may have been thinking about this person so much that they made their way into your subconscious mind and into your unconscious dreams. 

If the answer to this question is “yes, I have been thinking about this person quite a bit”, then that limits the potential meanings of the dream.

Although many dreams carry highly significant spiritual interpretations, many of our dreams are completely unconscious.

By “unconscious dreams”, I’m talking about dreams that are just the thoughts and feelings of the day playing themselves out in our subconscious while we’re asleep.

So, if you’ve been thinking a lot about the person you dreamt about while you’re awake then it really could just be your mind manifesting your own thoughts into your dreams.

…they might be thinking about you, too.

Sometimes even the fact that we’re thinking about someone a lot during the day may be a sign that we’ve been on their mind a lot, too.

There really is actual spiritual truth to the common saying: “When you’re thinking about someone, they’re probably thinking about you too.”

Analyze your thoughts about this person.

Do they seem to pop up completely out of the blue or when you’re busy with other tasks? Do these thoughts reflect how you actually feel about the person or do they seem completely sudden and random?

The reason you may be thinking (and dreaming) so much about this specific person is because they’re actually focusing so much attention onto you with their thoughts that your brain is picking up on it and transmitting that message to you in the form of your waking thoughts and dreams about them.

If you HAVEN’T been thinking about the person in your dreams…

If your answer was: “no, I don’t really think about this person much during the day” then this is where things get interesting.

From a non-spiritual perspective, it’d be pretty hard to explain in logical terms why you’d be dreaming about a person you don’t think about during the day.

Most people will tell you that your dreams are nothing more than your mind hallucinating visions of the thoughts you think during the day, which begs the question: how would this random person you never think about be weaseling their way into your dreams?

From a spiritual perspective, these kinds of dreams carry extremely significant meanings.

I’ve listed some common types of people you might see in your dreams and what it might mean.

What it Means When You Dream of Someone

1. Dreams About Your Ex

If you find yourself dreaming a lot about your ex when you haven’t been thinking of them much during the day, this is a pretty clear sign they’ve been thinking about you.

Notice the type of way you’re interacting with your ex during the dream. Are your interactions hostile, loving, romantic, or sad?

The emotion attached to the interactions with your ex in this dream are very important because they’re likely a reflection of how your ex is feeling about you in that moment.

2. Dreams About Family Members

Are you dreaming about a sibling, parent or grandparent?

Dreams about our family members are often telling us that they’re trying to communicate with us in some way.

Sometimes certain family members may find it hard to express their love or support for us in our physical day-to-day lives. Life gets so busy sometimes we forget to tell the people around us that we love them.

But if you’re dreaming a lot about a specific family member expressing something kind or supportive, take this as a sign they are trying to communicate how much they care.

If you’re dreaming about some kind of conversation with a family member, they may be trying to get in touch with you to have some kind of important conversation.

We are so energetically connected with our physical family on this Earth that when we’re worried about a certain announcement or conversation we need to have with them, we will often communicate that information to them through our dreams first.

3. Dreams About a Stranger

The most mysterious dreams of all may be those about a complete stranger.

If you’re dreaming about a stranger over and over, this means that either:

 A) you have some type of a soul connection to that person, or: 

B) they are manifesting you into their lives.

We usually dream about our soul connections before we meet them in real life.

Whether it’s a future best friend or a twin flame, our future soul family connections often manifest themselves in dreams before we meet in physical reality.

However, this doesn’t mean the stranger you’re dreaming about will always be a soul connection.

Maybe this stranger is actually someone you met once and have forgotten, or an acquaintance you don’t quite recognize.

When someone we meet finds us attractive, wants to connect more with us or starts thinking about us a lot, they may visit us in our dreams to communicate that they want to deepen that connection in the physical, too. 

Whether we realize it or not, we are always manifesting our connections with other people in our lives.

You may not realize it, but someone might be trying to manifest a friendship or relationship with you right now and that may be why they’re showing up in your dreams.

4. Dreams About Someone Who Has Passed On

If you find yourself dreaming about a relative or friend who passed away, this is a very good indication that their spirit is trying to communicate something to you from the higher realms.

This message could be as simple as offering you love and support through a difficult time in your life.

Often, we will dream about a beloved relative when we are going through a hard time.

In a sense, this is their spirit’s way of reminding us that we are never alone and that even in the worst of times, we are always supported by non-physical forces of the Universe.

If you find that your deceased relative is trying to communicate or say something to you in the dream, it may be because there was something they wanted to tell you in life that they never had the chance to say.

The Power of Connecting Through Dreams

I hope this post helped you find some deeper meaning in the conversations and interactions you have with the people you dream about.

There is so much more to dreaming than meets the eye and when we become aware of our dreams, we can find deeper meanings that apply to our waking lives as well. 🙂

Who have you been dreaming about? Let me know in the comments below!

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