If you’ve ever dreamt you were flying or falling, you’ve astral projected — maybe without even realizing you were doing it.

What’s astral projection anyway? It’s as ancient as the pharaohs of Egypt and the biblical tales of the old testament.

In modern times, the idea of astral projection has wiggled its way into pop culture.

Horror movies depict sleeping heroes and heroines becoming the unsuspecting victims of other dimensions and entities dragging them from their bodies and terrorizing their minds.

Setting aside the overdramatized Hollywood jump scares, how much do we really know about astral projection?

What’s Astral Projection: Astral Projection 101

A shorthand definition of astral projection is that it is the act of consciously leaving your physical body (without dying, of course).

If you’re a little confused, you’re not alone.

Most of us are trained to believe that we are our bodies. Even if we believe in the existence of a “soul” or an afterlife, traditional religion tells us that the soul and body are chained together for a lifetime and can only separate at death.

That’s not entirely different from what astral travelers believe — those who are able to astral project will say that the soul is always connected to the body by a “silver cord”.

Astral projection is the idea that your soul is still completely connected to your body for the duration of your life but that it also has the ability to travel outside the body without losing that connection.

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You’ve probably heard of an Out of Body Experience (OBE).

The reason I’m assuming you’ve heard of it is because there’s a good chance you or someone you know has had an OBE, considering 10% of all people experience one.

There are two types of OBEs:

1. Involuntary OBEs

2. Astral Projection

I have to make this distinction because most OBEs are completely unconscious and uncontrollable.

Near-Death Experiences Are OBEs

Have you ever heard one of those miraculous stories about someone laying in a hospital bed after a terrible accident, recalling that they felt as if they were hovering above their own body watching the nurses revive them?

This kind of near-death experience is what we’d classify as an involuntary OBE.

In contrast, astral projection is the art of voluntarily separating your soul from your body and then having experiences in the “astral realm” that you can then remember when you wake up.

Astral Projection: Real or Pseudoscience?

Astral projection has long been termed a “pseudoscience”, ridiculed by intellectuals and scientists worldwide as being merely a hallucination of the mind.

Yet, with so many astral travelers share similar experiences in the astral realm that even the so-called experts have been left a bit puzzled and perhaps — just a tiny bit — curious.

Naturally, none have been more curious than the CIA.

Imagine the consequences of someone being able to spy on the secrets of another country without even leaving their bed.

The CIA has recently declassified documents on astral projection that absolutely blew my mind.

Many of us have had firsthand astral projection experiences or — at the very least — recognized a common thread in the stories of others.

But having cold, hard CIA-declassified evidence on such a “woo-woo” topic?


For any skeptics out there in shock the CIA would even entertain the idea of astral projection in the first place — of course the CIA investigated it.

Sure, they may have thought it was ludicrous before running the tests. But even the slightest bit of truth to astral projection could mean a total compromise of an entire government’s privacy and an entire nation’s security.

They probably thought: What the hell, we might as well make sure this isn’t real.

And reading the declassified documents on astral projection, I think you’ll be able to tell that even the CIA experimenters themselves were shocked by the results.

But enough teasing. What do these CIA documents tell us?

CIA Declassified Documents on Astral Projection

Essentially, the documents contain the details of two astral projection experiments.

Experiment #1: Finding the Coordinates of a Facility Without Leaving the Room

In this first experiment, the astral projector was given a description of a USSR facility.

They were told to astral travel to the facility, then tell the experimenters the coordinates of it.

And guess what? They found it. Exact coordinates and all.

Not only that, but they gave further detailed description of the building and the surrounding area, and it all matched up nearly perfectly.

Experiment #2: Finding a Secret Island

The second astral projection experiment was basically the first experiment but in reverse.

This time, they gave the astral projector coordinates to an obscure location in the middle of the ocean.

After giving the coordinates, they asked the test subject to astrally project and then describe what was found at the coordinates.

The funny thing about this experiment is that the experimenters themselves thought this one was a test. The coordinates they gave the astral projector were for a location that showed absolutely nothing on a traditional map.

Only the CIA officials knew that the coordinates were for a secret island that was completely outside the realm of public knowledge.

In other words, there is no way the astral projector could have possibly cheated on this test because only the CIA knew the island existed.

To the absolute shock of the officials, the astral projector began drawing a precise topographical map of the secret island, accurate down to the last detail.

He drew a perfect map of the outline of the island and even described exactly what was happening on it.

Remote Viewing vs Astral Projection

As we can see from these CIA-documented experiments, astral travel absolutely exists and astral travelers are having real, recordable experiences — not simple hallucinations.

So, then, why are there so many failed astral projection experiments out there?

The reason there are so many tests that seem to prove astral projection is just hallucination is because most people don’t understand the difference between mere astral projection and remote viewing.

Any time someone voluntarily separates their spirit from their body, we call it “astral projection”. But many people mistakenly believe that every time anyone astrally projects and travels around, they are seeing the world exactly as it is in real-time.

Astral projection is much more complicated than that.

When you astral project, you are moving into the spirit realm where time and space do not exist.

This means that not only are you able to travel instantaneously to any physical location, but any time or parallel dimension as well.

So, what you are seeing and experiencing when you astral project could be something happening now, in the real-time physical world we call “reality” — but it could just as easily be a shadow of the past or a glimpse of the future.

The Astral Projector Who Saw Into the Past

I found an interesting story on Reddit about a man who had been astral projecting for decades.

His brother was a skeptic and tested him by putting an object in his basement, then asking him to astral project and tell him what it was.

When the man astral projected to his brother’s basement, he found an old Russian samovar (a Russian tea maker) and told his brother about it.

His brother laughed in his face, saying he was wrong and that he didn’t even know what a “samovar” was.

Fast forward a bit and the previous owner of the brother’s house asked the brother if he wanted a Russian samovar he was about to throw away.

Sure enough, the previous owner of the house had been keeping the samovar in the basement 5 years before.

The man who astral projected was seeing the physical world accurately — just 5 years previously.

This gives us a window of insight into why so many astral projection tests may appear to disprove it.

Astral Projection Takeaways: You are more than your body.

If you take away one thing from the concept of astral projection, let it be this: you are more than your body.

Maybe you’ve felt, at times, stifled by the physical body.

Our bodies can be hurt, sick or uncomfortable at times.

Sometimes, we can look around at our physical world and feel somewhat imprisoned by the realities we’ve been placed within.

This appearance of imprisonment is only temporary, and you hold the keys to your own freedom.

You are the creator of this reality. You are the designer of your destiny, and it is time to reclaim that power.

Most of all, I hope you know this: no matter the state of your body, your soul is and always will be infinite.

You are a limitless spiritual being having a physical experience that is but one chapter in an endless book of stories.

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