Twin flame relationships are so hard to navigate at times because the intense feelings, sensations and experiences we have within our twin flame connection are so outside the scope of traditional relationship dynamics.

To define, is to limit.

Applying typical relationship rules, timelines and labels onto the twin flame connection can be messy at best and impossible at worst.

This is because the twin flame bond is not anything like a traditional romantic love bond – in fact, in many ways it is opposite. 

Twin Flame Love is Opposite

To understand how twin flame love is so different from [and often nearly opposite of] a typical love dynamic, we need to talk about the difference between “relationship” and “connection”.

Relationship = interactions, conversations, labels, etc. that collectively become stored as conscious knowledge + understanding of the bond between self and another person. 

Connection = the energetic, spiritual + emotional bond that exists beneath the “relationship”. Something that cannot be logically explained or understood, but can only be felt + sensed. 

Traditional Relationships vs Twin Flame Connection

In a traditional love bond, it begins with the relationship. 

We meet someone in the physical world, interact with them and converse with them over the course of time, and slowly through the unfolding of that relationship in the 3D we begin to gradually feel a sense of connection to them.

The twin flame bond works entirely the opposite.

When we meet a twin flame in the physical world during this lifetime, we are not “meeting” them for the first time in a spiritual sense – we are encountering the physical aspect of something we have felt within us all along.

Twin flame “meeting” is the powerful and intense moment in time when we finally are able to attach a name, face and earthly identity to another soul we have always sensed intertwined with our own.

Twin Flame Connection is…

  • Eternal. It is something we have carried with us throughout this entire physical lifetime and every lifetime that came before.
  • Unbreakable. We cannot “break” the connection to a twin flame in the same way we can sever earthly ties with others.
  • Inseparable. Even during times of twin flame “separation” [which I prefer to refer to as a “perceived disconnect”]
  • Energetic. It is a bond that exists because we are energetically connected to our twin flame through all 7 chakras, with the strongest and most primary energy being exchanged through the heart chakra.
  • Undefinable. While twin flames can choose to label the physical, 3D relationship component of their connection in many different ways, the connection itself can never be adequately expressed in words.
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The twin flame connection is entirely energetically-based.

Meaning: it exists because we are eternally connected through all 7 chakras to our twin flame’s energy.

This means there are always two aspects of the connection co-existing at the same time:

  1. The 3D Connection: What we consciously think on a day-to-day basis and experience with our twin flame in our daily life. Highly visible to ourself and those around us. Understandable and logical to the ego + conscious mind.
  2. The 5D Connection: What is happening on an energetic, “higher self” or soul level. Usually deeply unconscious and sometimes outside the realm of our awareness altogether. Can be sensed at times when our logical/ego self is less active [such as during meditation or in dreams while we sleep].

3D & 5D With Your Twin Flame at the Same Time

In every moment, in every conversation, in every word spoken – you are communicating with your twin flame at two levels: the 5D level [the “higher self”] and the 3D level [the ego/human self].

Another way to think of it is:

Twin Flame “Relationship” = 3D Level 

Twin Flame “Connection” = 5D Level

This is why twin flame connections can be so confusing: the communication we can sense energetically, emotionally and even physically from our twin flame on a higher self, 5D level is often radically different from how communication looks at the 3D, physical level,

Examples of 3D vs 5D Twin Flame Connection:

  1. In 3D, your twin flame may not be speaking to you. In 5D, they may be feeling intense love for you.
  2. In 3D, your twin flame may be expressing anger. In 5D, they may be communicating that they are projecting their own wounding outward because their 3D self fears being fully vulnerable and therefore leaving themselves open to be hurt.
  3. In 3D, your twin flame may be connecting with a different romantic partner. In 5D, they may be asking you to be patient with them as they clear out a karmic pattern that this 3rd party romantic situation represents in their life.

This is why I like to make a distinction between the “3D self” and the “5D self” when I do twin flame readings on my YouTube channel.

Often, our interactions with our twin flame can feel so confusing in the 3D because what we are intuitively [energetically] sensing from them can be very different from how we are communicating with them in the physical.

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Manifesting Union Through Surrender

It is natural for us to want the twin flame “relationship” to match up with the twin flame “connection” – meaning, to want a physical romantic label and manifested 3D union with our twin flame that gives shape and form to the intense energetic bond we feel to them.

Ironically, the only way to manifest a physical reunion with our twin flame in the 3D that is stable, grounded and sustainable is through releasing the attachment to these 3D labels that is motivated from a space of fear.

Often, the very reason we desire to label the twin flame connection is exactly why it remains beyond our grasp – we are afraid of “losing” the connection, forgetting that it is not something we gain or lose but something we carry within us.

Through the very portal of this fear lies the key to creating the stable “relationship” with our twin flame in the 3D, physical world: we must be willing to entirely release the physical, 3D component of the twin flame connection and everything that comes along with it.

The expectations, attachments to outcomes, and timelines constructed from the ego must be released; replaced with a complete and utter surrender to the divine.

This is what we call Twin Flame Surrender – not a “giving up”, but a shift of focus from the external circumstances of the twin flame connection to the internal “knowingness” within us.

Twin flame surrender is…

A return hime to that still, quiet whisper of intuition that is calling us back to our most authentic self where our twin flame is always there with us.

Only from that space of harmony, balance and total reconnection with our most authentic self regardless of the physical circumstances between us and our twin flame, can we then forge the “energetic union” in 5D that must be created before physical reunion can be stabilized in the 3D world.

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The more conscious we become of the “connection” with our twin flame – that unbreakable, intangible, eternal bond that exists around us and beneath us at all times – the more we are able to align the 3D and 5D aspects of self.

Many people believe that reaching physical reunion with our twin flame is about “aligning” ourselves with their energy, but in doing so we are still thinking of them as separate from ourselves and therefore holding them apart from us.

In truth, it is not every step “forward” towards our twin but every step “inward” towards or truest, most authentic and most soulful self that leads us into union with our twin.

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